Union Democrat staff

Balanced reporting

To the editor:

With regard to the letter attacking Fox News, I consider myself an Independent and listen to Fox every day. From this a balance on events taking place in the news can be seen. This is not the case with the major networks.

It is my understanding that the Constitution of the United States guarantees freedom of speech and freedom of the press, which is why we can look at Fox - or if we don't like it, we don't have to watch it.

Judy Isaman



To the editor:

In response to The Union Democrat's Nov. 2 story and the letter to the editor, "Flat earther" by Brian Ferrel (Nov. 9).

Both pieces did not represent TuCARE's Natural Resource Summit keynote speaker, Myron Ebell, with fairness or accuracy. Perhaps the public would be interested to know that neither John Buckley of CSERC, quoted in the article, nor Ferrell, attended the event of which they were so critical. If they had attended, they would have learned a few things.

Mr. Ebell was not speaking on behalf of chemical companies or the tobacco industry. What he did share with attendees was a few simple facts. For example:

• Plants thrive on CO2. Plants store carbon and release oxygen into the atmosphere. Reducing levels of CO2 is not scientifically or theoretically good for plants. Thus, less plants, less oxygen, less carbon sequestration.

• Global warming is not the result of industrialization, nor is it because of farting cows, or black-topped surfaces. Rising temperatures are a result of irrigation on once-arid land. Moisture holds heat and therefore recorded temperatures have risen over time as more of the earth's surface has been turned to agriculture uses.

Furthermore, the big picture tells us that this warming is not enough to create the future that misguided, fear mongering Al Gore predicts. Although we may have slightly higher seasonal temperature readings, overall, the earth is in a cooling cycle.

In the future, it might be a good idea for The Democrat to actually quote people who attend events and hear the speakers. Then readers like Mr. Ferrell would get educated instead of indoctrinated.

Melinda Fleming

executive director


Temper tantrum

To the editor:

A couple of things: I was in a Sonora grocery store a few days ago after work, and it was exceptionally busy. While I was in line, like quite a few other people, I had the distinct displeasure of watching a grown (60-plus years old) man throw a public temper tantrum.

Apparently the woman in front of him was using her WIC coupons, which tends to take a bit of time. While all he had to purchase was a bottle of wine and a pack of gum, this man was just beside himself with the wait. His face turned a deeper shade of red as the minutes passed until finally after twirling around several times looking for a shorter line, he cursed and bolted to another line.

The poor woman using her coupons was embarrassed, the woman in front of me was angered by his cursing and I was amazed that a grown man who should have more patience than a 2-year-old would act like such a child. Is this what we have come to?

I leaned forward to the woman in front of me and said, "I'll have a good laugh if she gets you checked out before he gets out of here." At this point we had all commented on this man's behavior and were rooting on the checker to see how many of us would leave before this man and at least three of us made it.

As for Sheila Doyle's letter about health care reform not health insurance reform (Nov. 9): Just who do you think controls health care in this country? Certainly not the doctors or hospitals.

Barbara Childers