Union Democrat staff

Bulbiferous broadcaster

To the editor:

A mystery: Why haven't the Limbaugh ditto-heads come to Rush's defense after the NFL team owners blocked the doors to his attempted entry to their club of multi-millionaires?

It appears that his presence, fame and wealth couldn't buy him a ticket of admission. Is it possible that those elitist, unpatriotic liberals are members of a conspiracy avoiding being associated with the man Bush 43 permitted to sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom at the White House?

Or is the reason for his failure to buy entry into their club the embarrassment they and the players would suffer by an association with a bulbiferous broadcaster of buffoonery?

Rushbaugh has proven the truth of the old adage: The higher you climb the ladder of success, the further you fall.

Ray Mellana


Murrison's trip

To the editor:

Teri Murrison's travel expenses should be less about how the money will be reimbursed and more about why she is going to Dallas or Denver. Who is she going to be associating with and to what purpose?

Those interested in investigating the purpose of the trip will find that she will be meeting with people who are members of Stewards of the Range, now operating under the new name of Stewards of American Liberty. A quick search on the Internet of that organization will reveal that it is an inherently dangerous far right, "black helicopter" type of organization.

Ms. Murrison is constantly referring to "Coordination" with these organizations and this threatens alienating the federal and state agencies with which our county needs to cooperate, collaborate and coordinate (small "c"). I fear that coordination, as she promotes it, is a futile attempt at cooption.

When Supervisor Murrison arranged for Mr. Fred Kelly Grant, a spokesperson for Stewards of the Range, to address the people of Tuolumne County, he, of course, sounded very reasonable, stating that counties cannot supersede federal authority.

But, through my investigation of that organization, I found that the mission of Stewards of the Range is quite different and provides no actual benefits to the residents of Tuolumne County.

It would be far better for our supervisors to spend their time addressing the dire financial difficulties we face, rather than spend time on political grandstanding.

Gil Hofacker


Flat earther

To the editor:

By having Myron Ebell keynote its recent "resources seminar," TuCARE proved that it cares little about the resources or government processes that serve everyone.

CEI, Ebell's organization, is clearly a front group for industry. Its funding comes from Exxon, Dow Chemical, Big Tobacco and the American Petroleum Institute. They oppose virtually all regulation. They suggest that people should smoke in public, consume dioxin, and let drug companies decide the safety of their products.

Mr. Ebell is their "Flat Earther," who decries global warming for his clients. TuCARE would do well to show us that it is willing to play by the rules and support resource extraction in a manner we all can live with.

Brian Ferrell


Nutcracker Tea

To the editor:

Saturday, Nov. 7, was the first Sonora Soroptimist Nutcracker Tea. It was a huge success.

Tea and goodies were served in a beautifully decorated Christmas setting to a sold-out crowd. Santa was on hand for pictures with the children. A wonderful local storyteller, along with gifted young musicians and the Dancing Dogs entertained the children, along with their mothers and grandmothers. A few men even attended.

Members of Sonora S Club and the water polo team, did a great job and made us proud of our local young people, as they served those who attended.

The Sonora Soroptimist ladies have for many years made it their priority to give to the girls and women of our community. Their number is small, but their hearts are large and filled with love and compassion.

Without them, this would not have been possible. As an observer, I enjoyed watching people of all ages being brought together for a wonderful afternoon. These women are truly working to make life better for others. Don't miss the tea next year. Be sure to attend.

JoAnne Reed

Mi-Wuk Village

Taj Mahal

To the editor:

It appears to me that what started out as a need for a new jail has morphed into something more like the Taj Mahal. Can anyone believe that this poor, little county can afford a quarter of a billion dollars for such a project? And, doesn't it seem logical that an expenditure of this magnitude be discussed when all the supervisors are present?

The protestations of the CAO aside, I am not re-assured that the old hospital might not be a better solution for this problem. I'd like to see a feasibility study with this in mind; it might be something that we could afford.

Gene Patterson