Union Democrat staff

Parking violation

To the editor:

A copy of a letter I sent to the Sonora Police Department's Traffic Department:

Re: A parking ticket given to me on Washington Street.

Here is my $20 fine. Only I need to add this: I was in the red paint about one foot, at most about a foot and a half.

I told the parking enforcement officer about the Dodge pickup truck that was parked into my space. I backed up close to the pickup - so close that I had to walk in front of our car.

The officer said she didn't care, as there was no pickup there now. I told her my handicapped card was on the mirror, but she didn't care. Where were we supposed to park?

I know that I will not be eating at Miner's Shack or shopping at Main Street Shop or Legends Books, where I was going to spend money.

I was also going to check on my car insurance. This is when I saw that I might be (and in fact was) getting a ticket.

Jim Brown


Flu concerns

To the editor:

I'm very concerned about the H1N1 live nasal vaccine.

Despite concerns expressed by myself and others, Sonora Elementary and other Tuolumne County schools are moving ahead with vaccination programs.

I think it's important for people to have both sides of the story. I called the Tuolumne County Schools office and was told that this is a new virus. But the outbreaks in 1918, 1976 and 2009 are all H1N1, also known as the "Spanish flu".

We cannot believe everything that the government says. Remember the "weapons of mass destruction" in Iraq? Oh, wait, there weren't any.

All that I am asking is that the live vaccine is not administered in our schools. Remember, it's not mandatory for schools to do this. I was told that I am only one parent. I guess in America today one person doesn't count.

Please look up the facts, and call the county schools office. Ask them not to administer the live vaccine. Check out FDA.gov and read the insert for the nasal vaccine. It states: Vaccine recipients or their parents/guardians should be informed by the health care provider that influenza A(H1N1) 2009 monovalent vaccine live, intranasal, is an attenuated live virus vaccine and has the potential for transmission to weakened immunocompromised household contacts.

Check out, infowars.com, and whatreallyhappened.com, also look up Senate Bill 1873. Please people, wake up.

Jesse McKay



To the editor:

On Oct. 24, I drove from the Bay Area up to the Mother Lode Fairgrounds to attend the inaugural All Hallows Fantasy Faire.

As a freelance writer covering Renaissance and Celtic faires of the West Coast, I am what you would call a savvy consumer. In fact, the previous weekend I had attended one of the largest West Coast renaissance faires at Casa de Fruita.

I'd made my way to Sonora for a writing assignment on small-vendors in the tough economy for Renaissance Magazine, and I had no great expectations for the All Hallows Faire, as this was its first year. Expectations aside, what I found was a professional, well-managed event that delivered great family-oriented fun for a reasonable price. In the current economy value is something that all of us are aware of, and with the reasonable admission price (about one half of other faires I have attended this year), and the stellar entertainment from bands like 1916 and Cullen's Hounds, value was definitely something I felt I received from this faire.

Patrick Karnahan, the energetic founder of the faire, deserves hearty congratulations. Patrick was all over the faire, talking to people, shaking hands, and attending to small details while making everyone feel welcome. He was just like the father of the bride, and a proud father indeed.

Having never been to Sonora before this event, I was impressed with the community and I will definitely be back. Hopefully the community appreciated the faire as much as I did, and this is the start of a long tradition in the area.

Rocky Cole