Union Democrat staff

H1N1 concern

To the editor:

What is wrong with this county? We have a very serious outbreak of H1N1 both in Sonora and the foothills, and everyone is keeping their mouths shut.

This affects everyone. It's in the elementary schools, but they won't shut them down to prevent its spread to other kids and teachers.

How do I know this? Because I have a personal friend in Groveland who is down sick with this stuff along with her whole family, and when her kid got sent home from school so did six other kids.

Parents need to know that this is nothing to take lightly. It can kill your child, and right now there is no more medicine anywhere in this county to treat it with.

The letters the school sent home with your child are important. If you are exposed, you will get it.

Shari Becker

Big Oak Flat

Learn from mistakes

To the editor:

We must always learn from past mistakes. Wrong decisions bring much suffering to peoples and nations.

When the media was hysterical during the Alar scare, we suffered business losses and apple losses in the millions, unnecessarily. Media hype over DDT, coupled with our government's choice to ignore tests proving DDT was not a carcinogen nor a hazard to man, has prevented the sensible use of it to save millions of children from malaria and death in underdeveloped countries. After the suffering, the World Health Organization announced it would reverse this ill-advised policy.

So now the media hype is to rush through a health care bill that will force everyone to buy health insurance or be fined. So much for choice! This hysteria includes "a rush" for a cap and trade bill that would put many small businesses out of business and make millionaires of insiders who sell carbon credits. The facts deny the wisdom of this.

This summer, minimum Artic Sea Ice Extent that was predicted by alarmists to decline, instead grew dramatically. According to International Artic Research Center satellite data, it grew about one million square kilometers.

Because the Constitution does not give the federal government permission to enter the health care business, this the primary reason for opposing these ill-advised bills. Each state was given this prerogative in the 10th Amendment.

Jan Higgins


Treat Street

To the editor:

On behalf of my family, I would like to thank all the businesses in downtown Sonora who participated in Trick or Treat Street. I feel it was a huge success for all who walked it. We look forward to it every year and can't wait for next year.

So a great big thank you to all.

Erin Hall


Tremendous success

To the editor:

The first "Tales of the Crypt" dinner and play on Oct. 17 was totally sold out and a tremendous success, thanks to the generosity of the great people of Calaveras County who supported this event.

The members of the Calaveras County Genealogical Society would like to thank all the volunteers who made it an entertaining and fun-filled evening: scriptwriter Jerry Tuck, director Mary Peterson, and actors, Mike Bonomo, Bill and Marti Crane, Sylvia Edson, Mike Gonsman, Linda Mellin, Mel Pepitone, Bob Reeve and Marty Tedder, and stagehand Claudine Roberts. Steve Johnson handled sound and music and Jason Simons did a great job with the lights. Wally Matloch put together an amazing slide show of Calaveras County history and County Supervisor Russ Thomas serenaded us after dinner.

We would all like to salute Diane Heliotes, our courageous president, who believed in this dream from the very beginning, had major surgery in the middle of the preparations, but never let us get discouraged

Wendy Black, secretary

Calaveras County

Genealogical Society


Keep trying

To the editor:

In the face of grave crises, President Franklin Roosevelt would counsel, "Try something ... and if it doesn't work, try something else."

There is widespread agreement that our health care system is in critical condition: millions of uninsured citizens; skyrocketing costs; outright discrimination based on gender, age and pre-existing conditions - the list of problems goes on and on.

The question, then, is what to do about it. The final health care reform bill that gets signed into law will no doubt include provisions that I disagree with. But given the sad state of our current system I think it will be a giant step in the right direction.

More importantly, our government will be trying something to address the problem; we can and will learn from our mistakes and continue to improve as we go. I support health care reform and urge you to do the same.

Brian Greene