Letters to the editor for Nov. 4, 2009

Union Democrat staff

Health care reform

To the editor:

I've known Dave Wynne for many years. I voted for him every time I had the chance and would do so again. I enjoyed working at Junior Livestock Auctions with him, and consider him a friend of long standing.

However, Dave's recent and frequent musings in this section regarding health care reform are of concern to me. I appreciate his considered and sincere thoughts about this issue and applaud his willingness to take the time to post his opinions for all to consider.

But please consider this as well, Dave: Many of us do not seek, nor do we covet the "compliments" of Mr. O'Reilly. Referring to the "heritagefoundation.com" as a source of "facts" weakens your argument for many of us familiar with that group's position on the issue.

I think we agree that health care reform is needed. If so, can we start from that point of agreement and work outward toward a solution which will include everyone who needs care? I'm sure we could.

Perhaps in our mutual retirements, David, we can find the time to work together toward a solution to this critical issue. Let's get together for a cup of coffee, old friend. We'll flip a coin for the tab.

Mike Macon


'Turn on' young lives

To the editor:

With this new school year, we face more unknowns than usual. But out of the financial crisis some good can emerge. Perhaps parents and teachers can work closer together to educate our children.

As a high school teacher with very large class sizes, I am asking for help from parents. In this age of cell phone addiction, I suggest they take away their sons' or daughters' cell phones at night. The number of lethargic students who are struggling because of lack of sleep is epidemic. For the health of our children let's teach them responsible use of cellphones. Perhaps they will get up early enough to eat breakfast. Half of my students come to school hungry.

Further, I am deeply concerned about childrens' alienation from the natural world. May I recommend a book by Richard Louv titled "Last Child In the Woods." He discusses saving our children from "nature deficit disorder." It begins with a quote from a young boy who says, "I like to play indoors better 'cause that's where all the electrical outlets are."

We live in the beauty of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. So many children have never walked in the largest aspen grove west of the Colorado on Bell Meadow Trail. Maybe parents and teachers can make a joint effort to strengthen the physical and emotional health of our children by, as Dr. Phil says, turning off their machines and turning on their lives.

Nancy Dumas

mathematics teacher

Sonora High School

Sierra Village

Traffic flow

To the editor:

Has anyone who travels Soulsbyville Road in the mornings feel that there could be something done to improve the traffic at the light on the Twain Harte grade?

For the traffic going up or down the hill, there is no issue. But those coming or going towards Soulsbyville Elementary encounter a great risk.

Why can we not have the light turn green for one direction of traffic at a time for this early morning rush? (The downtown Sonora light does run a different pattern in the mornings). It would eliminate cars from backing up all the way to the school and keeping those impatient drivers from making evasive moves.

Let's voice our opinions to try to make a difference to see if a change could ease the flow of traffic. Then maybe the county will do something about this.

Pamela Cuneo


Real reform

To the editor:

A trigger option is nothing more than a further sell out to the insurance companies. We have a broken system and need real reform, not some hodge podge "donut hole" like our incompetent Congress passed with pharmaceuticals. We Americans are tired of standing by watching lobbyists bribe Congress to relax restrictions so they can steal from us with impunity.

Gary Phillips

La Grange

The Union Democrat
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