Union Democrat staff

Public option

To the editor:

I'm over 65 and on Medicare. Like 29 million other Americans, I receive government health insurance. Anybody over 65, and anybody in the military does too. Every time I drive on a public highway, attend public schools, call the police department, need the fire department, rely on the U.S. military to defend me, I am using a government service. All of these services (schools, highways, police, fire, military, my health insurance) are "socialist," to coin a term. I pay taxes and receive these services.

I buy groceries at the Big Trees Market in Arnold, consumer goods from Costco, gas from Shell, meals at a local Chinese restaurant. I attend plays at the Fallon House. I hire a carpenter to repair my roof. All of these businesses are "capitalist," to coin another term.

We have long had a combination of capitalism and socialism. It's called a mixed economy. We simply need to expand the socialist part of the system to cover everybody's health care needs, like every other industrial country in the world.

The so-called "public option" will only allow people to choose a Medicare-type program instead of private insurance if they desire. It's not as good as a real government health program for everybody, but it is the best we're going to get when so many people mistakenly fear something called socialism.

David Alford

Professor Emeritus,

Columbia College


Thoughtful, but wrong

To the editor:

Chuck Holland's Oct. 26 response to my letter of Oct. 12 is well written, persuasive, thoughtful and wrong.

His pejorative statement regarding my apparent hypocrisy is disappointing, since I've known Chuck most of my life and respect his intellect and honesty. Bill O' Reilly of Fox News would compliment Chuck on his clever technique to spin my issue into one he wanted to promote.

Not one word of my letter stated or implied that I want Americans without access to health care to remain so. The opposite is true.

Chuck also managed to spin government-run insurance into government-paid insurance, which are two entirely different things.

However, his biggest error was to equate government-paid health insurance with employer-paid health insurance. Both Chuck and I were and are very fortunate to have employer-paid health insurance. Because we happened to have careers working for the government does not make our private, employer-paid, health insurance a government-paid or government-run plan. Clearly, Chuck must know that.

As to the statistics Mr. Holland's quotes on how many Americans are without health insurance and the reasons why, leave much room for debate. Let me refer readers to theheritagefoundation.com for quite different statistics.

Government-run health insurance and government-run health care, as proposed by Reid, Pelosi, and the Democrats in Congress, is simply a usurpation of our rights as Americans that will diminish health care for all and increase cost for every one of us. Should Congress pass a heath care bill that contains the government option (even with the opt out clause ) we will all lose.

Let's do it right and start from scratch.

David Wynne


Stand up for freedom

To the editor:

As we face uncertain tomorrows, mortgage crises, corrupt governments, the huge meltdown, embezzlement and more, it makes one wonder what happened to good moral values and honesty in our fellow man.

Elections used to have better men and women trying to be elected. We knew more of their background. Now there are more deceptive candidates with immoral values.

We need to overhaul elections and enact tighter requirements. So we can elect the best, not the corrupt. Even governors should have to be born in America. Obama still refuses to show his original birth certificate and county seat he was born in.

Internet equals fraud. Like the ordained minister lately who performed a wedding differently, not Christian. Got his license over Internet.

It's sad to see so many businesses closed. Empty buildings. Jobs lost. Our own sawmill closed. Environmentalists are stopping too many things that affect workers and their families' lives. Water to farmers shut down for Delta smelt.

There's a balance in all things, God's creatures and man. We strive for our America, the beautiful, land of the free. We do not need or want a dictator's life. We must speak out.

Everyone call or write Dianne Feinstein. She's for us! I've been writing her. She needs to hear what you want. As do all representatives, to have our rights protected and stay free. As one nation under God. Before it's too late for our school children, elderly and working class America.

Stand up and be heard. For our God and our freedom.

Barbara Melchor