Union Democrat staff

Smart, not so

To the editor:

The people who create the lies and distortions about health care reform are smart. The people who believe them aren't.

Frank Russell Sr.


Get it stopped

To the editor:

In recent months I have had an ongoing problem with added charges on my AT&T statement for purchases not authorized by me.

The amount is always the same, $14.95. I have called the companies (UnitedTel and Streaming Flix) in regard to the charges, and was told no problem, they would reverse it, and they did. But they refused to guarantee that it wouldn't happen again.

Today I called AT&T to ask the company to put a billing block on my account against third-party billings. I was informed that it can't do this because the California Public Utilities Commission says this is a legal practice, and my only recourse is to call the companies each time I'm billed to have the charges reversed, then call AT&T so it can reverse them as well.

What a rotten setup. How can this be okay? I know there are millions of people, like me, being billed who never look at their statements, they get a bill, pay it, and never notice added charges.

Bottom line, in my opinion: We should all write to the California Public Utilities Commission-Consumer Affairs 505 Van Ness Ave. Room 4300, San Francisco, CA 94109. Also, the PUC at 1-800-649-7570 and get this stopped.

Lou Anderson


A financier?

To the editor:

My concept of God and what He does has always been a bit fuzzy, but I was enlightened by Jan Higgins' letter of Oct. 14.

God is a financier! He sits behind his desk in the big bank in the sky surrounded by ledgers, computers and copies of the "Wall Street Journal," "Business Week" and "The Wealth of Nations." He worries about earthlings messing up His policies which call for unrestricted business practices, elimination of all taxes, and termination of environmental regulations.

It is understandable that with all these important issues, God doesn't have time to worry about wars, global warming, the poor, the abused, the ill and all those who find survival a daily challenge.

Perhaps our pledge of "One Nation Under God," should say "One Market Under God."

Ruth Godbout