Union Democrat staff

Solve or resolve

To The editor:

I don't know about anybody else, but I am having a hard time watching the Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors with Liz Bass and her attitude towards Supervisor Teri Murrison.

There just seems to be a one-sided conflict between them, and that being on Liz Bass's part. Ms. Bass doesn't seem to show any interest during meetings except when Supervisor Murrison has something on the agenda. Otherwise it appears that she is asleep in the chair with her hands in her lap.

The last 15-minute discussion didn't really have a thing to do with what was going on. Golfgate was dead and gone and, if Supervisor Dick Pland hadn't stepped in, she still would have beat it to death.

Other board members are aware of this, but, I guess this is going to head in the direction that was taken with Mark Thornton, cause nobody wants to step up to resolve whatever the issue is.

Some people fit into public service and there are some that burn out, but don't have the presence of mind to step out.

This week there's another item on the agenda, a correspondence issue, and once again Murrison will bring it up, and Ms. Bass will be loaded for bear.

When reports are being made, Bass almost never has one, yet other members of the board seem to be in meetings throughout the county. She seems to have her own agenda, yet she has a conflict of which seems to be psychological more than in opposition.

Solve it or resolve it. Spare us all the embarrassment.

Jean Waltjen-De Mattos


Vaccine shortage

To the editor:

Tuolumne County health officials are failing residents in regards to the H1N1 situation.

I am not prone to panic. Until recent years, I never bothered with seasonal flu shots. Now, I am married to a wonderful woman with an "at risk" health profile, and these things matter.

We attended the Health Fair this week in Sonora, and got our seasonal vaccines, but officials there had absolutely no clue when, or how H1N1 vaccine will be distributed.

Other counties have already held vaccination clinics, and have run out of the vaccine, and we still don't even have info about it. Why is that? Kern County has held two clinics in the past two weeks. We are still in the dark. Again, why? What is it? A lack of action? Of concern? Maybe it just didn't seem important early on.

Gene Salvetti