Union Democrat staff

Caring team

To the editor:

This letter is far overdue. I live on more than 50 fenced acres. I came home from work one evening to find that someone had hit one of my dogs, but we couldn't find him.

The next morning, he showed up at the front door. His injuries appeared serious. We loaded him in my truck and looked for help.

My vet wasn't available. After going to several others who wouldn't even come out and look at him because we weren't patients, I ended up at Dr. Rob Pollard's office.

Before I finished my story, he and his staff, Nina and Keith, had him unloaded and on the table. I'm so thankful we have such a caring team to take care of our animals.

Maria Canepa


Reform needed

To the editor:

My husband and I have fortunately been insured most of our 40 married years. I hear people say they do not want health care reform or a public (government) option and I have to wonder why not.

Our current health care system benefits insurance companies more than the insured. Reform will hold the insurance industry accountable. It will be against the law for insurance companies to deny coverage based on preexisting conditions, drop or weaken coverage or place a cap on amounts of coverage you can receive in a lifetime. It will give us a choice of plans and providers. Anyone who wants to keep their current Insurance is free to do so.

Now is the time for all American citizens to have affordable, quality health care. A public option can have its own premiums and be self sustaining. If you are concerned about your taxes being raised remember this, you are paying for the uninsured now.

We as a nation are close to enacting health care reform. Give it a chance. Any plans can be adjusted or changed when needed. For the millions of American citizens without health insurance, reform can offer quality, affordable choices.

Let's not be greedy and unfair to our elderly and fellow citizens who can benefit from reform, including a public option. The health care system we currently have is not working for every U.S. citizen. Reform can create competition, hold insurance companies accountable and ensure every U.S. citizen an affordable choice. After all, isn't freedom of choice one of the things our country is based on?

Janet Unruh

Mi-Wuk Village

Good driving

To the editor:

At 10:15 a.m. Tuesday a white SUV with black trim turned onto Soulsbyville Road as I was stopped at the light, eastbound on Highway 108.

Its driver deserves a medal. He or she turned right, and the left front tire went straight ahead! I heard the scraping on the pavement, and held my breath as the driver completed the turn without tipping over or losing control.

Good driving!

Martha Weathers


Bed and breakfast

To the editor:

Thank you, County Administrator Craig Pedro, and Supervisors Liz Bass, Paolo Maffei and Dick Pland. You have obligated us to build the wayward youth of Tuolumne County, and others, a new bed and breakfast. And it will only cost "someone else's" $750,000 for each bed (excluding, of course, staffing, equipping, maintaining, etc. How much? They don't say).

You said we have a "grant of $16 million promised to us" by some benefactor who is said to be "California." Aren't they already about $26 billion short for next year? And the other $5 million? I don't know about you four, but last time I checked, those are our tax dollars.

It is not as if there is nowhere else for these juveniles to go. Two of the facilities are in El Dorado County and Yolo County. Both are exceptionally good, with classrooms, teachers, recreation, counselors, etc.

Next time you see anyone of these four "visionaries." ask them who is paying for all this. And don't forget to ask them where are they going to get the other $250 million.

We have no more county employees we can lay off, and no more medical facilities to close after mental health goes.

The law and justice fiasco will make previous county blunders look not so bad, if that is possible. This one is our ticket to bankruptcy. The entire plan is ill-conceived, irresponsible and reckless. What we need is a new jail, not a penal colony.

Sincere thanks to Supervisors Murrison and Gray, for they had the wisdom to understand. It is "our" money, spend it wisely.

Domenic Torchia