Union Democrat staff

Watch Fox

To the editor:

Wise up America.

Question: How many Americans out there really understand the Democrats' health care bill? It's sad that so many people want something for free from our government. I watch the news like everyone else, mostly NBC or CBS. None of them look to see what's actually in the bill. They all say the same thing, like talking points.

I started watching Fox News at night, and wow, they actually go through the bill with people from both sides of the aisle. It's not very hard to figure out what's right and wrong with the bill.

I'm scared to death about all the taxes and promises in it. I want everyone to watch Fox News and become more informed about what's really going on in this bill.

Rob Beller


Dump fees

To the editor:

I saw a headline, "Waste fees confound supervisors."

How do you think a taxpayer, who helps support the landfills, feels?

On the supes TV coverage, our handsome, smiling, well dressed Trash Czar, Mr. Garcia, says he is so proud of our trash collection system, the transfer stations, the condition of the landfills, etc., etc. Then he goes on to say "there is only one big problem, it runs $884,000 negative each year."

He goes on to explain that dirty yard waste can only be sold for $5 a ton, or cubic yard, and that clean yard waste sells for more than $20 for the same amount. And the reason we don't have clean yard waste to sell is our machines that make it clean keep breaking down.

Now they want to raise the annual parcel fee for residents use, even if they don't use the dump personally. You mean it's been free to everybody?

Gee, what did those machines that don't work cost? In all the years the dumps have been in service, nobody until now has said "why don't we charge a fee?" Maybe $10 for "white waste" - that's dump people's speak for old fridges, sinks, trash compactors, a/c units, etc.

Now I see why Mr. Garcia is so impressed with our waste management system and it is something to be proud of. Of course now that there's a fee (for appliances and yard waste) and that, hopefully, out-of-county folks pay more than us taxpayers, maybe things will improve.

If not, all those items listed above will look great out in the woods and streams.

Al Duncan

Valley Springs

Vision, concept

To the editor:

On Obama's Nobel Prize: The narrow-minded cannot understand that every accomplishment begins with a vision and a concept of the goal. Just a few kind words can change a dangerous atmosphere into one of forgiveness and peace.

Have you ever gotten the silent treatment? No shots are fired, no objects are thrown, no words are spoken. Can you say nothing is accomplished?

Look at what Jesus accomplished during his short time on earth: He healed a few people through his much maligned health care system (free to the public). He got in the faces of the scribes and pharisees (the church-going bankers and conservatives of that time). He said things that caused his disciples to walk away from him. He riled up the establishment so much that they arrested him, beat him and hung him out to die, while he wimped out and scolded his men for using force to defend him.

Wake up, boys and girls. How can you go to church two times a week and pledge your life to Jesus and come home and operate in the world by the teachings of the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck? I would be ashamed to break the heart of Jesus. You had better boil some water and quit wasting all that tea.

Robert J. Smalling



To the editor:

When does it become usury?

The Tuolumne Utilities District's prices have increased so dramatically, that it is obscene. I just received my water bill and it was $774, which is $600 more that Matt Dillon Water Co. average cost before TUD stole the company.

Everything is the same as it was then, in fact there are only two of us and I take many showers at the gym, so the only thing I use the water for is to water my two 50-by-20-foot lawns and a small garden. How outrageous it is when they take away the simple pleasures such as growing your own vegetables?

They say the quality is better, but that is debatable. I still buy drinking water, and it costs me whopping $6 a month. I could buy a lot of drinking water for an extra $600. In fact, I could probably buy water by the bottle and it wouldn't cost me $774. I could put in a $20,000 well, but the county has stopped many of those also.

What is happening to this wonderful area?

James Schlotthauer