Jenn House, The Union Democrat

Mad proposition

To the editor:

With the world economy collapsing, we should be dismantling our dangerous military-industrial complex and defending the democracy rapidly being lost here at home, not serving big oil by accepting its mad proposition we can create democracy in Afghanistan if we align with its most authoritarian leaders and slaughter endless numbers of its poor.

Ted Keller

Mokelumne Hill

Categorically wrong

To the editor:

Re: Ms. (Barbara) Farkas and "Preserving our Quality of Life" (guest opinion, Oct. 7).

I was one of those who tried to enter Wal-Mart one day and was blocked by the efforts of a tall, slender man. Not a paid signature taker, he told me, but a homeowner in the Lime Kiln Road area. I had read his group's petition against Mountain Springs, disagreed with it, and walked away.

He felt I should be re-educated to think properly about the issue. He placed himself in front of me at the front door, talking constantly and only stepping aside when I put my head down and walked straight at him. My mistake was not reporting him. I have watched both of these groups since then and determined that both are detrimental to this community.

Ms. Farkas, you are categorically wrong when you state that "deaf ears" were turned to you, or that "supervisors, councils and planners" refused to listen. Supervisors did listen to you, then they listened to other county residents - those not able to attend daytime meetings, whose livelihoods depend on growth, construction and providing services to the community.

Their children would like to stay to raise their families here. They need homes and incomes. When you criticize those who look to the Constitution for help, it betrays your methods and arrogance. You are mistaken to find fault with local authorities actively encouraging and supporting economic development and the local building industry. That is the foundation of a healthy, vibrant lifestyle in any community.

Your side represents only one opinion. I agree there's a need for a plan for growth, not a plan for no growth.

Judy Olson


Send the support

To the editor:

No one likes war. Ask any soldier's mother, their families, or for that matter, even a soldier. Yet every day, brave men and women willingly stand up and face the enemy for our country.

As a mother of two soldiers, I am angered by the fact that with each passing day, Mr. Obama continues to sit on his hands in reference to sending the needed troops to Afghanistan. According to an Oct. 7 Union Democrat's article, "Obama weighs Afghanistan options," "Obama also gave no timetable for a decision."

Two top military commanders in the field have reported that more troops are needed to "right the war". These two commanders are experienced combat leaders, known for dedication to their men and to this country. Yet, Mr. Obama continues to hold summits and meetings and as each day passes, more lives are sacrificed by the inexperience and arrogance of this president.

The excuse that Obama inherited the war is just that - an excuse. He knew there was a war when he threw his hat into the presidential ring, and by doing so accepted all that went with it.

If we've learned anything from Vietnam, I hoped we've learned that war can never be won by politicians. Mr. Obama needs to listen to the military experts, send the support that is needed, and stop playing politics with the lives of our troops.

All our soldiers want is to do their job, do it successfully, and come home.

Barb Birks