Union Democrat staff

God's economy

To the editor:

God is creator and governor of heaven and earth. The reason we have such angst among those who govern is because most people do not understand what God's will is. However, one thing we can understand is there are two kingdoms vying for dominance on the planet. One kingdom (Babel) built by man's good ideas, and one governed by God and his divine principles.

Man's (humanism) efforts to manage an economy must treat man as a manipulatable object, creating the delusion that by reason they can plan a society. Whereas, Ludwig Von Mises' books on the free market insist that man is a created purposeful being, and to treat him as anything else misunderstands how an economy works. Government tries to manage what only God can order.

In truth, the only real money supply is that which is earned by honest labor. God's economy will work, when we guard his principles. To begin with elect people who know God loves honest weights and measures, hates inflation, and asks us to halt the practice of monetizing the debt.

We must return to obey the Constitution. Article 1, Section 8 "gives power to Congress alone to coin money and fix the value thereof."

Then we can release our businesses to create jobs, by eliminating environmental oppression, reducing business-killing regulations, and taxes seen and unseen. The word is called liberty.

Jan Higgins


Fascism revisited

To the editor:

Jay Bunten's letter ("Socialism and fascism," Oct. 5) opened my mind to a perspective I had never dreamed of.

He correctly observes that Hitler and the Nazis used both terms in their party's name and concludes that the words must mean the same. So in Jay's mind, what is "socialist" is also fascist and, therefore, since President Obama promotes social issues, putting a Hitler mustache on his face seems to be reasonable.

He describes "government-run health care" as a "clearly socialist act," which our government is "ramming through." Never mind that all industrialized countries provide universal health care, and that the world is not all socialist.

"Ramming through," by the way, ended when the Democrats couldn't even get their bill out of the Senate Finance Committee - although they have the White House and the Congress, with a filibuster-proof 60 votes in the Senate.

Then Jay's mind escapes into the wild blue yonder as he alleges government plans to close down "media outlets like Fox News and talk radio" and continues (get this!) that "these are clearly fascist acts, similar to the Patriot Act under President Bush."

I never liked Bush - and, thinking about it, many of his policies, particularly the one Jay refers to, deceptively called the USA Patriot Act, did have a certain smell.

Come to think of it - yeah, Bush/Cheney could have put the country on a path to fascism. But, of course, Republicans would have had nothing to do with it. They don't even know Bush anymore.

Klaus Kraemer


Care denied

To the editor:

Some people speaking out against health-care reform fear that government might ration payments - but few of them recognize the truth behind the health care industry as it stands today: That denying care can be profitable and rationing is already the norm.

A recent article printed in the Los Angeles Times states that documents obtained by the House Committee on Energy and Commerce show that employee performance evaluations at a major insurance company included a review of "rescission" activity. In contract law, rescission means to rescind or set aside a contract - the unmaking of a contract between parties.

According to this article, these documents show that one employee of said insurance company earned a perfect score of 5 for exceptional performance on an evaluation. It noted the employee's role in dropping thousands of policyholders and avoiding nearly $10 million worth of medical care.

A subsidiary of this company and two other insurers saved more than $300 million in medical claims by canceling more than 20,000 sick policyholders over a five-year period, according to the House committee.

I understand that people who have never experienced a problem with our current health care system are more likely to buck change. But it only takes one incident of insurance company denial to change your life forever. Denial of coverage could happen to you, your spouse, your child, your parents.

Please consider what one uncovered catastrophic event could do to your family. We need health care reform.

Shelley Muniz