Union Democrat staff


To the editor:

This is in response to Megan Brown's letter (Oct. 1) not being happy with her C-section.

I don't believe doctors are in favor of C-sections unless it's an emergency. For example, myself, my daughter-in-law and our daughter had C-sections. I had two natural births and my last was a C-section because the baby was turned sideways.

My daughter-in-law was seven weeks away from delivery when she had her appendix removed. The next day, Father's Day, she went into labor and doctors had to do an emergency C-section. He is their third baby, her other two deliveries were natural.

My daughter has a minor heart problem and while in labor with her baby her heart rate and the baby's rate dropped to almost nothing. She had an emergency C-section.

All are healthy and none of us have complaints. Also, with a planned C-section, have your hair, nails, and makeup done before going into the hospital and you will look better than everyone else. Yes, it takes a little longer to recover. But Megan, you and your baby are very important.

Ginger D'Onofrio


Enlighten us

To the editor:

The Union Democrat's editorial, "Copper Hosedown," was on the right page,

but should have been under Letters to the Editor.

Of all the important issues we are forced to deal with today, you opt to editorialize about a silly, immature stunt.

Please get out of the bubble and enlighten us.

Vern Froehlich


Thought provoking

To the editor:

For anyone who has questions, or even all the answers, about the trip to the end of life, my wife and I recommend they see Stage 3's "Grace & Glorie."

Although the subject seems dark, the production is thought provoking and ultimately heart warming. We came away with old truths and new ideas on a subject we often try to avoid.

We were fortunate to be at the talkback Thursday night. Director Lloyd Battista and actresses Sharon Perras and Maryann Curmi answered questions and explained how they had worked together to make the play so effective. Very enlightening for us non-theater audience members.

We are so fortunate to have in our area both Stage 3 and Sierra Repertory Theatre to enjoy and support. Don't miss "Grace & Glorie," if you enjoy excellent theater.

Dave Holton


Bypass the bypass

To the editor:

I have been meaning to write for some time, but today I feel compelled to write regarding the section of Highway 108 between Standard Road and the bottom of Twain Harte grade.

During the space of one week I witnessed four rear-end accidents, in one of which I was involved. All of these accidents were due to someone turning left. Fortunately the person who hit me was not going fast so there was not a great deal of damage and no one was hurt.

All of the accidents I saw were minor, but in my heart I knew it was just a matter of time before a more serious accident would occur. With the unfortunate death of a young man, my worse fears came true.

We do not need a bypass, another two-lane road. For the safety of those who use that section of Highway 108, we need a left turn lane.

Some may say a bypass would make it safer because there would be less traffic. People will still need to turn left, and I think it would increase the danger. Believing there were less cars, many would increase their speed and create a greater hazard.

Alice Kraus

Twain Harte

Stop the burns

To the editor:

John Muir preached nature like an apostle, his message to preserve the forest. Every lover of wilderness and all that lives there can still hear his prayer.

He encouraged us to engage the wilderness and let her live a natural life.

Let's not let John Muir's endurance and sacrifice for preservation of Yosemite be forgotten and waste his God-given gift to us all.

Let's respect the natural beauty of this park by allowing it to shape its own landscape and live and die a natural death by God's ways, not man's.

Let's put a stop to the "prescribed burn" policy that is causing more harm then good - harm to the forest, the animals and humans who have to breath the toxic smoke. Let's put a stop to the mismanagement of Yosemite, the heritage left for us by John Muir.

Mary Jane Vicars


Health care reform

To the editor:

The term "government-run," as used in government-run health insurance, is good advice.

Websters says the word government is a noun defined as "the organization that is the governing authority of a political unit." Websters says the word run, as used above, is a verb meaning: "1. Move fast by using one's feet,........" 2. Escape or flee; take to one's heels; cut and run."

So my take on the "government-run" health insurance plan means to run like hell, here comes the government.

Sounds like good advice to me.

David Wynne


Drug Court

To the editor:

I moved to this county about five years ago from the Bay Area, and came with a drug problem. I was put into the Drug Court here, and now I have 40 months clean and sober.

I know of a lot of people here who have been in and out of recovery, and believe the drug problem here is very serious.

I would like to commend Judge James Boscoe and Judge Eric DuTemple for having a program that can help people change their lives. Many kudos to the Drug Court of Tuolumne County and the other resources that are available in this life-changing program. Also, thanks to the counselors at Kings View - Carol, Donna and the former counselor Alan Reynolds. Much love to you all.

Teresa Rios