Union Democrat staff

Too late for America?

To the editor:

Is government-run health care a blessing or a disaster?

Do human beings in America own their own bodies?

If our bodies are owned by government, then health care should be a government responsibility. We must do as we are told by government and stop complaining and resisting expansion of government control.

If we own our own bodies, then we should be responsible for our bodies and government must not infringe on our freedom to do so.

Sometimes we forget, socialism is not so much about providing goods and services - it is about controlling human beings and it cannot, therefore, recognize the human rights to life, liberty or property.

Perhaps this is the reason the framers of our Constitution made no provision for federal control of health care.

Is it too late for America?

I don't think so - all we need to do is to encourage our leaders to follow the Constitution - one at a time.

Albert J. Segalla


On our own

To the editor:

New world order: Those three words seem to want to make people cringe.

Props to all you people out there willing to see the Obama administration for what it really is and make your voices heard. The American government was originally created "by the people, for the people," right? But, as we all have witnessed, our government could care less about what we need, how we suffer, what we've lost or how much more we have to pay for things we can't do without, like water, electricity and medicine.

Let's remember that they already have all that and they all have a job, so why should they care? It comes down to the almighty dollar, greed of some form or another dressed up to appear as an offer to help us, the taxpayers, get out of trouble in a bad economy. Then try to take them up on it.

It's time to tear down this government and start over the way it was meant to be - by the people, for the people. The state of things as they are can not be repaired. We are on our own.

Shari Becker

Big Oak Flat

Rights at risk

To the editor:

This is in response to Kevin Williams' Sept. 22 letter.

First he stated, "Many of the gray-haired participants seem to be of the age at which they would be drawing Social Security and relying on Medicare for their health care." He does not mention the many years they have been paying into Social Security and Medicare.

He then talks about the Patriot Act, Bush and Rep. George Radanovich. Again, he does not mention that we have not been attacked since the act became law, shortly after Sept.11, 2001. How soon we forget.

He also mentions the tea party demonstrations, again not stating that the people of the United States are voicing their views.

George Radanovich is supporting his constituents, unlike many politicians who vote for what they want and not for the wishes of the people they theoretically represent.

An example of this: Speaker Nancy Pelosi had more than 8,000 calls to vote against the stimulus package and less than 100 to vote for it. She ignored what the people wanted and voted her way. Is this representing the people?

Mr. Williams said all of this because of he believes that the health care package in the House will not take away rights. He needs to look at Page 9 and in sections 12-23 and see what it will take away.

Not only does it state that the program will have panels to give "advice" on end of life, but also that by 2013 Medicare will be greatly reduced - even after we "gray-haired participants" contributed money into the program from its conception until today.

Ronald A. Sylvia