Union Democrat staff

Stand for liberty

To the editor:

It's football season so give me a stimulus, give me a bailout, give me Cap and Trade, give me government-run health care, give me another stimulus, give me General Motors, give me Chrysler, give me a czar, give me 33 czars, give me a whole bunch of banks, give me the largest deficit in history, give me more taxes. Whadda we have? A giant Obama headache.

Give me a break! In seven months President Obama has overwhelmed our governmental system. He has authorized or proposed billions in stimulus spending and trillions in national debt and deficits. His health care legislation will cost trillions and somebody has to pay for it. Cap and Trade legislation, if passed, will destroy millions of jobs and cost a typical household $4,609 a year. The government's take over of the auto industry and financial institutions is already a reality and the president is only getting started.

Either President Obama simply has no executive leadership abilities or it is his intention to overwhelm, confuse and misdirect the American people. Unfortunately, most Americans weren't listening or were hypnotized when candidate Obama told us what he would do if elected.

He may not have any real leadership abilities, but it doesn't matter because President Obama doesn't care what most Americans think. He's on a mission to create an America in the image of Comrade Chavez's Venezuela, so don't get in his way.

Hopefully, enough Americans will wake up and do exactly that. The time is now to take a stand for liberty or plan on standing in line for health care rationing and just about everything else. Stand up America.

David Wynne


Matter of safety

To the editor:

I understand our economy isn't what it used to be and people may not have the funds to expand the companies or businesses that they own. But when it becomes a matter of safety, I believe that they should make every effort to find a way to expand such things as parking lots and parking spaces.

Every Saturday in the fall I drive to Sonora using Standard Road, and I am disgusted with the way that people are forced to park because there simply isn't enough room to park their vehicle at Standard Park. Families with small children are forced to park on the shoulder (which shouldn't be parked on) and scurry across the road. Some of these vehicles sit six to seven feet in the road.

Doesn't anybody else but me see this problem? What can we do as a community to fix it? I would hate to see a tragedy occur because there is a lack of adequate parking.

Dustin Benner


System broken

To the editor:

Opponents of health care reform made a showing on Saturday (Sept. 12). Good for them.

Regardless of their sincerity, I will always defend their right to speak their minds and to demonstrate. It is fair, however, to note that they represent a relatively small percentage of Americans.

I remember when millions of us were protesting the Iraq war and these folks defended our right to differ with the administration ... or did they? Oh yeah, that's right, they called us traitors. Bush paid no heed to the opponents of the Iraq war. Obama continues to show his opponents genuine respect.

America gets it: Our health care system is broken. The corporate bureaucrats currently standing between citizens and their health care providers make their decisions on behalf of profits instead of patients. Government bureaucrats, though far from perfect, would serve the patient first. Our current system rations health care to those who can afford its hefty price tag, but there are many who cannot. The health care system in America is dysfunctional and immoral. If you don't know that, you ought to try a different news channel once in a while.

Bob Wetzel


Great oxymoron

To the editor:

Now that's a new concept that's bound to catch on in our increasingly vitriolic society - a reprimanding thank-you letter ("Board of Supervisors' letter commends, criticizes CSERC," Sept. 11).

Is that a great oxymoron or what? It's like saying, the musical was great except for the songs. Or, members of the Board of Supervisors are really smart, except when they are dumb.

Kudos to Liz Bass for seeing the supervisors' reprimanding thank-you letter to CSERC for the foolishness that it is.

I for one think CSERC is a noble group, except when it isn't.

Marcy Davidson


What a deal

To the editor:

What if I could get you a deal on a new car that would save you thousands of dollars? What if I could get you a car loan at a really low interest rate that would save you hundreds more? And you couldn't be turned down no matter how bad your past credit history? Would you jump on a deal like that?

Of course you would. Well, then what is your problem with health insurance reform? The current proposals seek to lower premiums and provide everyone with affordable health insurance no matter what pre-existing conditions they might have. They also would provide protection from insurance companies denying coverage when people become sick and eliminate caps on coverage. It would also provide coverage when you lose or change jobs or become sick. That's all a good deal for consumers.

It's time to tune out the health insurance special interest groups who want to keep the status quo because it is so profitable for them.

It's time to tune in and get the real story on what is happening in Congress. You can do that by visiting these Web sites: www.whitehouse.gov/realitycheck/ and www.aarp.org/health/.

About 18,000 Americans die every year because they are without health insurance. Half of all of bankruptcies are cause by medical bills. Families are struggling to pay their health insurance premiums which are a hidden tax on everyone.

It's time for Americans to support their countrymen, and not the CEOs of health insurance companies.

Patrick McGinnis

Twain Harte

Support asked

To the editor:

Re: Sept. 15 editorial, "Generosity, a community value here" and front page story, "Tough times threaten Humane Society."

"The greatness of a society and its moral progress can be judged on how it treats its animals" - Mahatma Gandhi.

I read with great interest two separate articles in the Sept. 15 newspaper. The opinion section discussed about what a great area this is to live in and how in times of need residents of Tuolumne and Calaveras counties step up to the plate and support organizations that need help. I also read the front page article regarding the financial problems the Humane Society of Tuolumne County is having.

I know that during these trying economic times it is difficult to donate to every charity, but I urge you to make a donation of whatever you can afford to help the Humane Society and all of the animals it tries to protect. If you would like to become a member go to www.hsotc.org.

During these tough economic times the animal population in the shelter goes up and its donations go down. This means certain death for a number of animals that could have otherwise been saved.

Please spay and neuter your pets to prevent unwanted animals, make a donation of whatever you can afford, and please adopt a shelter animal.

Joe Riva