Union Democrat staff

What is wrong?

To the editor:

On Aug.19, my son (Thomas M. Alexander) committed suicide. He took an overdose of methadone. He was not a drug addict, he didn't smoke pot, he rarely drank, he didn't even smoke. He was depressed over a relationship breakup and not being able to see his son.

He looked up how to kill himself on a Web site - how to overdose and get the job done in 15 to 30 minutes. This is the third or fourth death from methadone in Sonora.

What is wrong with this? Why is this drug so available to our kids? My son bought $200 worth of the drug. The person who sold it to him (we know who he is) knew he didn't do drugs. He also knew his state of mind.

My son was a very good person: An accomplished musician and artist, and a good worker. He loved people.

But we couldn't pull him out of his depression. His cousin committed suicide, and I know he thought how stupid that was. We never thought he'd think of it.

We need to get these drug dealers in prison where they belong. We've lost too many young people. We can't bring Tommy back, but maybe we can save someone else.

Debi Grahek


No excuse

To the editor:

After reading the story, "Video shows chicks abused at egg hatchery" (Sept. 2), I have two questions:

1. Where do they find workers for these types of jobs?

2. What kind of people are they?

I grew up on a farm, in an agriculture community, and believe me these types of actions and conduct would never have been accepted then - nor would they be today.

If grinding up baby chicks alive is not a crime, it certainly should be. And those responsible for doing it should face serious prison time. Whether it be workers, management or the owners of the company. This is nothing less than inexcusable cruelty.

Where are all those "animal rights groups"? Why are they not screaming about an issue like this? There is no excuse for treating any creature like this!

Tommy L. Wells


Voters' decision

To the editor:

Re: The Constitution.

Mr. (Michael) Herman (letters, Sept. 18) is no doubt passionate in his belief that constitutional law gives blanket license to every fashionable whim of behavior, but, in the end, it is the voters who decided not to recognize homosexual faux marriages.

And here's a heads-up for you. If, as you say, Article 4 overrides state laws, I could carry a concealed weapon, own an automatic rifle, and smoke in a restaurant. Welcome to the real world.

J.E. Kitchell

San Andreas

Wake up

To the editor:

Medicare only pays 60 percent of a bill. Medi-Cal pays nothing. I worked in health-care insurance for many year's and this plan Obama wants to rush through would be a disaster. Did those who have read the bill notice that the "Advance Care Planning" was taken off page 425, after people started questioning it? It was done very quietly.

If the government cannot fix Medicare/Medi-Cal, how do you expect it to manage full health care reform for everyone? It can't. Obama first said he would not decrease the Medicare payments to our doctors then, two weeks ago, said he is cutting them. Many doctors are not taking Medi-Cal and some are dropping Medicare patients.

The former president of Canada's Medical System said people have to wait 15 hours to get in the emergency room. Their doctors operate one day a week. He said there are not enough doctors for all the people. They have 2.1 doctors for every 1,000 people. He was on C-Span a few nights ago.

If Obama's plan goes through, you will have rationed care and you will wait a lot longer in the ER to get seen.

I believe Obama and all of them are going to do as they please and not listen to the people. They won't read the bill, but a lot of citizens have and that is why all the protests. I just hope more people wake up before it is too late.

Patricia DuFur


A way to help

To the editor:

Re: Sept .15 story, "Tough Times Threaten Humane Society."

There is a simple way we all can help. Visit www.theanimalrescuesite.com, and click to vote for your favorite shelter. There are many monetary awards that will be given to the shelters with the most votes. So do it today and everyday - it's easy and free! You can also click to donate bowls of food to shelter animals.

Dee Martin