Union Democrat staff

Sad comment

To the editor:

I am writing to respond to your Aug. 20 front-page story ("Fabulous career insures comfortable life for Mother Lode man").

I think it is a sad comment on the focus of this newspaper to tout this kind of living and home in Tuolumne County when people are losing their jobs. I guess you are lucky that they most likely cannot afford to buy your paper, as I am sure they too would be incensed, saddened and humiliated.

How would you feel if you cannot even buy food or pay for propane and have "news" like this shoved in your face?

I am sure Mr. Haughton worked hard to earn his fortune. However, I think in these tough economic times it is inappropriate for your paper to write this when we have the homeless and possible homeless due to the job loss here. I would like to think that there are more newsworthy items for you to consider.

Linda Kutner

Twain Harte

Read the bill

To the editor:

Frustrated with claims and counter-claims about the House of Representatives' health care bill, HR3200 ("Americas Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009"), I obtained a copy of the full text from the US Government Printing Office site.

All Americans who care about their health, their lives and their freedom need to read this 1,017-page document. It is double-spaced, so it equals 500 pages. So far I can confirm, through pages 16-20, that President Obama is not telling the truth when he says that we will be able to keep our own health insurance if we want.

The language is deceptive, but here is an overview: Yes, at first existing plans will be grandfathered in. But starting in 2013, when this act would take effect, your plan becomes disqualified if any of the following happen: Your carrier adds a new subscriber to the plan or we reach the beginning of 2018.

As soon as one of these happens, that plan loses its grandfathered status, and you will have to switch to a plan that meets the Federal Government's specifications.

So, eventually, we will all be forced to give up our chosen plans and subscribe to a plan that is mandated by the Federal Government. You can verify this yourself by reading pages 16 and 17. The Groveland Library has a copy of HR3200.

I urge each of you to read it and to contact your U.S. representatives and your U.S. senators to tell them what you think of HR3200.

Carol Simpson


Leadership questioned

To the editor:

What are our so-called leaders in Congress doing? If our leaders in California elect to reduce the prison population, things will not be good.

Can you imagine living in an area where many of the prisoners they want to release early will live? Upon release, where are they going to get a job? Not many jobs out there to be had. How will many of them support themselves?

You got it: Many will return to the life that put them in prison in the first place - crime. Not only does this put the welfare of the citizens in danger, but becomes a liability to law enforcement, which has already been cut to bare minimums due to the lack of leadership ny California's Congressional delegation and judges.

Sure don't see them giving up anything to help solve the problems. Do you see them giving themselves a furlough without pay? Time to spend the taxpayers money in the areas where it is needed and not on their "special projects." Also, it's time for the people to start speaking up and voting for responsible leadership.

D.V. Gregory


Death Row first

To the editor:

Re: Prison overcrowding.

Why don't we first clear out Death Row? Execute any condemned prisoner that has been there three years or more. They have been found guilty by a jury of their peers (unless they have confessed to murder) and sentenced to death. So, execute!

To keep someone on death row for five, 10, 20 or more years is torture beyond belief. It is, also, very expensive and cruel to the families involved.

Emma L. George