Union Democrat staff

Shout-down crowds

To the editor:

The really amazing thing about the rowdy shout-down crowds appearing at town hall meetings across America is that those people do not understand that our government is not out to control our every action. Unfortunately this is a very fear-oriented group, troubled by the election of a multi-racial gentleman elected as President of the U.S.

And, interestingly, the majority of folks appearing at town hall meetings are over the age of 60, white haired and of white complexion, and not trim and healthy in appearance. Some even shout out that they don't want socialism and socialized medicine.

However, when asked, they say don't want to eliminate Medicare and Social Security. Those programs, set into effect by Democratic and progressive presidents, once in the 1930s and again in the 1960s, are the most dependable, efficient and smoothly run government programs. What would change?

Finally, the only persons benefiting from high cost insurance rates and huge pharmaceutical costs are: one, the company executives, and two, the U.S. congressmen who are subsidized by those companies to vote against the new health care bill.

Marilyn Pinnow, senior citizen


Borrowed money

To the editor:

Inaction in government is often the best action for the taxpayer. Typically doing something for political expediency imperils liberty, inventiveness and capitalism.

Today, the government in its rush to create a new economy is spending half of every dollar using borrowed money from the largest bondholder, China. We have exported our technology, manufacturing and weapons to China. They cannot be defeated in a war for the simple reason that we have given them the weapons technology and they have too many people.

To put the population into simple terms, the top 10 percent high school seniors in China equals more students than the entire high school population in the United States.

China will expected to have its loans paid back, just as our government would expect you to pay property taxes. It will use the same tactics that our government uses when you don't pay your taxes.

A group of 100 million people is a drop in the bucket for China. Imagine 100 million people living in Yosemite and Yellowstone National Parks. So when you are drinking your tea and spending that bond money, just imagine.

Tom Birks


Who are they?

To the editor:

Who are the people that make up Citizens for Responsible Growth?

They seem to have so much power in Sonora, but I have yet to see one name associated with the group. All I see is their lawyers fighting projects like Lowe's tooth and nail. Is one, two or dozens of individuals behind this group?

One thing for sure, they have very deep pockets to carry on these long fights against projects they object to. But other projects seem to fly right through without any problem.

There are many jobs that are unfilled because of these delays. I want to know why we don't have access to this group, why they have an interest in stopping these projects and if they really want responsible growth.

James Schlotthauer


Stop the flow

To the editor:

Remind me again. Why do we want illegal aliens coming into the U.S.?

A huge marijuana pot farm in Santa Barbara County, containing 30,000 plants supported by Mexican drug traffickers, is most likely the reason for the 88,000-acre fire in Southern California. Authorities theorize the fire was started by a cooking fire.

According to our own county drug enforcement folks, these pot farms are usually tended by illegal aliens. Wasn't a pot farm suspected in the Knight Fire? Why can't the federal government stop the flow of illegals from Mexico and pot farms in our national forest? Seems like stopping the inflow would help balance budgets. It certainly makes one wonder.

Bill Marrs

Twain Harte