Union Democrat staff

Whose idea?

To the editor:

Whose brilliant idea was it to replace Sullivan Creek bridge on Phoenix Lake Road? Certainly no one that lives in the area!

The fact that water might have reached the bottom of the bridge perhaps twice in the last 20 years is no cause to replace it. And "they" picked one heck of a time to start on it, too. Soon it will be the rain and snow season, and just how are people to get down to Sonora? By way of one or the other routes to Soulsbyville? In the snow? And if there's a fire - God forbid - are people going to have to die for lack of an escape route?

Over a year to finish? They replaced entire collapsed freeway overpasses after earthquakes in Los Angeles and San Francisco faster than that! Whoever made these asinine decisions should be forced to live out here until its completion. I sincerely hope no one dies because of your stupidity, because you are going to have to live with that.

Charles Clayton


Time to consolidate

To the editor:

I highly commend Jackie Mills (July 29) for speaking out and the Grand Jury for its report.

The consolidation of Tuolumne County schools is long overdue. Of course Margie Bulkin, Sonora Elementary School's superintendent, is objecting along with other county superintendents. These objections have made it difficult to proceed with unification.

The county superintendent, Joe Silva, could and should service all schools easily. This would then place his current salary in line with other multiple school district superintendents.

Having one superintendent per school is obscene! With schools today being so strapped for state funding, it is unconscionable not to proceed with consolidation. Huge class sizes and lack of teaching supplies is the atrocity. How many teachers could have kept their jobs this past year for the price of just one superintendent? Mmm, maybe four or five?

Lyndi Anderson


Huge success

To the editor:

The fundraiser for cancer patient Lori Brandon at Railtown 1897 State Historic Park, sponsored by the Sonora Geezers, on July 18, was a huge success.

"In spite of the record temperature of 109 degrees, we had in excess of 400 people attend the event," said President Wil Reich.

Everyone tried to stay cool under the shade of the huge oak trees while they enjoyed the music of eight local bands. Between each performance, a raffle was held during which 58 items donated by local merchants were given away. Food, soda, water, beer and wine were available for purchase.

The Sonora Geezers would like to thank Railtown 1897 State Historic Park for the use of their facility, everyone who donated items for the raffle, the music groups that performed so beautifully and all the people that attended, made donations and helped make the event such a big success.

Dick Aberle


Health proposal

To the editor:

This is my proposal for a better health care system:

Everyone in America is covered under this plan, regardless of age, health or pre-existing conditions. All Americans are free to visit any doctor or hospital across the country, without having to choose from a pre-approved list. Co-pays are low or none, and there's no worry about pre-approval or denial because a procedure is considered "experimental."

There will be no dealing with insurance companies that are more interested in profit than your health. Doctors have quick, secure electronic access to your medical records, allowing faster care, especially during emergencies. Complications from missing a drug allergy will be a thing of the past. Life expectancy will go up, and infant mortality rates down. There will be no more discrimination to the poor and elderly because their Medicaid or Medi-Cal doesn't "pay as good" as private insurance companies.

There will be no more children left without coverage because their families can't afford it. There are no bureaucrats controlling your care, or anyone forcing you to go to a certain hospital (which is the current system, actually), nor does it remove any one of your rights. In fact, it gives you more rights as a patient!

Unfortunately, this isn't Obama's plan. His plan only puts a Band-Aid on a mortally wounded system. What I described is true universal health care.

Tell your representatives that you want a push for full universal health care to fully and finally fix our bad health care system. It's time to see the truth instead of "socialized medicine" scare tactics.

Michael Herman