Union Democrat staff

Honorable legacy

To the editor:

In reference to the letter submitted and published by Dianne Bosque (Aug. 4), let me say this: spot on.

As sole survivors (my daughter and myself) of the Vernon (Chuck) and Beverlyann Mills family, we were truly honored to have the services of VNA and Hospice during our time of need. Hold your heads up and be proud that VNA and Hospice care are part of a honorable legacy. Thank you - from the bottom of my heart.

Kathleen Mills Kracy

Bagdad, Arizona

Superintendent thanked

To the editor:

The Vallecito Teachers' Association would like to thank Glenn Sewell for his three years of service as superintendent of the Vallecito Unified School District.

On his watch, a progressive revolution in educational methodologies, funding, and training began. An appropriately professional rapport built on mutual respect and trust between management and personnel also blossomed. Glenn also can claim success in recently stabilizing our sites with strong administrative choices. By allowing these people the freedom to work with their staffs, the district committed to developing creative plans to reach or improve established academic, social, and emotional benchmarks of success for our community's children. Collaboration began to flourish, which is an essential pathway to design innovative models for school improvement at our sites.

However, VTA would like to express dismay with the poor timing of his departure as well as some overtly expressed underlying purposes that caused it to occur at all.

All three of our schools have been moving in positive directions, the staff members have higher morale, and our STAR results speak directly to the obvious improvements taking place for all three teams of personnel led by our site administrators who have collaborated with our superintendent. VTA wishes you well, Mr. Sewell. We send with you our best wishes for your future endeavors right here in Calaveras County and hope you can also use this opportunity to spend more time with your grandchildren. Thank you for your forward-looking leadership during the past three years.

Mary Benjamin and Amy McKeen

Co-presidents, VTA


Support musicians

To the editor:

I agree with Robert J. Curcio's July 30 letter about Tony Bennett's enormous talent. And Mr. Bennett's voice has weathered age better than many fine singers (anyone hear Neil Diamond lately?).

However, Mr. Curcio is unaware that the pop (short for popular)music of his era (presumably) is that of Mr. Bennett and his contemporaries. Before that, Big Band, and before that, Tin Pan Alley were the source of "pop" music.

I cite Wikipedia on a related term: "A pops orchestra is an orchestra that plays popular music (generally traditional pop) and show tunes as well as well-known classical works. Pops orchestras are generally organized in large cities and are distinct from the more "highbrow" symphony or philharmonic orchestras which also may exist in the same city.

This is not to say that the distinction is complete. Many symphony orchestras (for instance, Detroit's) put on pops performances with some regularity.

Whether your favorite music is jazz, classical, traditional, rock, blues, country or Western (or that new-fangled countryish rock so common these days), support a musician. Listen and share their music - and if you enjoy it, pay for it. Attend a concert, buy a CD or MP3, tip the guys playing in the bar. And enjoy.

Alison Morgan

East Sonora

Mining claims

To the editor:

Due to the passage of SB670, I will not be going back to work on my claim this year. There will be no need for me to return now to your communities.

I just came home for a short time with the intent of returning to my claim. I just spent $1,856 in the Groveland area. It just saddens me that there appears to be no support for those who support your communities, such as the miners that come to spend money on food, gas lodging, as well as mining supplies.

I think more support could have come from your county government to stop passage of SB670. It is estimated the the financial loss to the state of California to be a whopping $100 million that the state needs now more than ever. I guess they look at this as chump change.

Please support the mining industry as well as the miners that support your communities.

Greg Bunten