Union Democrat staff

Curbside fraud

To the editor:

The recent "curbside recycling" program passed by your supervisors is in my view, at best, another flagrant fraud implemented jointly by the Tuolumne County Public Works department and Waste Management Corporation. I continue to be baffled and amazed by the public and county officials who blindly accept this massive misrepresentation of reality and facts. Hey, wake up people.

As the 2008 Grand Jury pointed out, there is no (real) personal recycling program, and there never was one. There never will be an honest one unless WMC is strictly monitored by the county and forced to always sort the recyclables collected (proposed program) on a line when it comes in. Unless a county employee is there watching during the day,WMC will continue to dump recyclables into the main "pit" and scoop it all up with other trash putting it into trucks bound for their main disposal site.

We lose, they win, making millions of your money.

But heck, it's "only 13 cents a day." I feel WMC could care less about recycling for this county. WMC see's only the bottom line, "show me the money."

My hope is that this program will be reexamined, repealed and/or changed to protect the integrity of the state, county, and the people herein. There is still power in the statement, "We the People." We must not give up our right to exercise and demand the right to see that our money and labor goes to a cause that is profoundly honest, trustworthy and effective. Please tell the county how you feel about this issue.

Larry Stanley


Thin the forests

To the editor,

Environmentalists resent being blamed for the loss of mill jobs. They may not want to see people lose their jobs, but if that is always the outcome in the rural counties, then that is their intention.

Wouldn't a better solution to the problem be better thinning of the overgrown national forest lands in California?

In 2007, two-thirds of the total air pollution released over California was due to forest and wild fires. Hydro-carbon air pollution depletes the ozone layer, thus adding to global warming. Scientists agree on that. Thin the forest, slow down global warming and keep families working in Tuolumne County.

Randy Lane


Efficient health care

To the editor:

Janet Maffei states that she has lived "in countries where single payer health care works very efficiently," but, of course, that is an opinion and fails even to name the countries. I ask for four additional pieces of information: 1. Which countries? (Seems as though I don't want to take her word for it); 2. What are the statistics regarding the numbers of people coming from those countries seeking medical services in the U.S. versus the other way around?; 3. What are the total tax rates in those countries versus U.S?; and, 4. What possibly could make her want to live here rather than there?

James Webster