Union Democrat staff

Obama's formula

To the editor:

Of course, statistically speaking, most of us use substantially higher amounts of medical resources as we get older. Thus, the real problem with health care expenditures in this country is that we are all living too damned long. Mr. Obama seems to have found the formula which will correct this deficiency. Therefore we should all be grateful.

It's still hard to believe our aging Congress has unexpectedly exempted itself from the health-care reform proposals. Could it be they don't believe in this component of "the change we can believe in?" It's a question that needs to be asked of and forwarded to others.

John Willson

Twain Harte

We are the servants

To the editor:

When are we gonna quit "porkin' the pig?" The U.S. is in deep doo-doo folks. Every senator, congressman, assemblyman, legislator, and yes folks, even local governments and municipalities, are all getting their slices of bacon.

There ain't no free lunch, at least not for those of us who pay taxes. We pay taxes on things like food, fuel, health care, property taxes, auto parts, propane, electric, phone, water, appliances, electronics user fees, disposal fees. I could go on and on.

The bottom line is we want and ask for too much, and the federal government will be more than happy to oblige. They will set up another inefficient committee to waste our tax dollars after they have skimmed their $100,000-plus salaries off the top. Our "public servants" no longer serve us. We are their servants.

Their outrageous spending lifestyles, health care, packed perks, housing and transportation per diems - including just showing up to do their jobs - is paid for by the taxpayer. We have career politicians.

This is not what our founding fathers envisioned. We need to re-elect, every election cycle, new agents of the people, by the people and for the people.

Its time to dump the career politicians. We can't afford them any longer.

Sean Lemay

Mi-Wuk Village

Tony Bennett

To the editor:

Someone named "Tony" - Bennett, naturally - has triggered world-wide acceptance, covering the entire planet; and probably even prompting the "beat" in Eskimo limbs, at both poles.

This unique icon began his singing career with an overly powerful voice, which may have literally caused hearing loss among some of his admirers, though the cautious ones took care of the problem by wearing shock-proof hearing aids.

During this period, "Pop" music (challenging reason) came into popularity, and sharply cut into Tony's sales, which eventually demanded attention from both music promoters and Tony, each aware that a bankroll hung in the balance.

Tony's magical answer to this musical impasse, lay in tempering volume in favor of soft whispers here and there, reaching instead for bits of background, trumpet, piano and saxophone, linked to melodies such as: "The Shadow of Your Smile", "The Very Thought of You," and of course, "I Left My Heart in San Francisco." Thus, Tony's life-long victory, signaling a total of 80 up and down years, will cap his arrival at the "pearly gates" where waiting, expectant angels will eagerly greet him.

Robert J. Curcio


Bring back our library

To the editor:

It may not happen today. It may not happen tomorrow. But please, someday give us back the dear Pinecrest Library we all know, appreciate, and need.

Irene O'Brien