Union Democrat staff

Ganders unite

To the editor:

The idea of health care for all is wonderful, but what Congress and the president are trying to ram down our throats is far from it. This by far is one of the most frightening plans ever to come out of Washington. What makes a very small group of people think they know what's best for our health care needs? The medical industry accounts for 15 percent of the U.S economy, and as John Strosel stated "A handful of people who have probably never even run a small business actually think they can reinvent the health-care system."

We saw what happened locally with Tuolumne General when government got involved. Is anyone willing to trust their health care to people with those qualifications? Rationing health care to seniors, cancer patients, and persons with special needs are written into this bill. Special interest groups such as ACORN and AmeriCorps will benefit, as well as "nonresident aliens,"according to the plan. Americans will pay the price in higher taxes yet all nonresident (illegal) aliens will be exempt.

This plan also includes "an end of life plan" (euthanasia), a mandate instead of treatment. This health care bill reeks of massive costs, unfair treatment, and government intrusion in the lives of all Americans. The most disturbing is that many of the politicians have not even read this bill and yet have exempted themselves from all of it.

I urge all to read the bill, contact your congressmen, and ask them: "If it's not good enough for the congressional geese, why should it be good enough for us ganders?"

Barb Birks


Yesterday's news

To the editor:

In the spirit of getting involved with current issues, ill-qualified people are causing more harm than good by fueling popular opinion. It is easy to quote emotionally-fueled sentiments heard on various news channels - known for their biases - and get an adrenaline rush that is as addicting as heroin. Repeated doses soon cause one to get a coffee mug emblazoned with a favorite talk show personality, and becomes an armchair political pundit.

These are one of the most dangerous types of individuals, as rarely have any of these individuals taken civic, economic, socio-political, or other such classes beyond high school, nor do they have real world experience executing social policy. Their opinions do not count, much like political personalities who pass gas on the airwaves and make a very good living inciting others into frenzy. Yet, the assertions of these "trusted sources" lead others to accept every word as truth.

What is knowledge? Far too many have a blind acceptance of perceived knowledge as truth. However, "knowledge" is an experiential understanding. Anything that deviates from this is not knowledge. Most assertions cannot stand on their own because the variables are vast like marbles beneath your feet. Many try to skirt these marbles by parroting rhetoric, which far too many tend to follow like lemmings off the cliff. This results in the pointless conversations of the armchair analyst that you hear at the store, work, church or the bus.

I urge everyone to turn off the news and listen to the silence for but one week. You will discover you didn't miss much, and what you did miss was "yesterday's news."

Cryss BlackWolf