Union Democrat staff

Slave to government

To the editor:

Wake up, people! As we go on living our everyday lives, not really caring, an insidious middle class takeover by the government is playing itself out.

What will it take for you to wake up to this fact? The health care issue presented by Obama, Dems and major networks sounds all good and needed, but it's a wolf in sheep's clothing. Obama has us believing that it will be paid for by taxing the wealthy, but the wealthy will never pay because they have the resources to find ways not to.

So, guess who is next in line? It will be the middle class who Obama will shackle to this boondoggle. Tax at the 60 percent rate has been projected for every middle income person to pay for this substandard health care. Can you afford this? Your life will change drastically as you become a slave to your government. It is all in their plan. Get involved. Call your Congress people and say no.

Lyndi Anderson


Look at future

To the editor:

Have you ever wondered about our future? In the 1960s, our pastor had a Bible study on Revelations.

A giant computer in Germany or Russia? Called the Beast. It would rule the world. It would tell us when to wake up, eat, or go to bed. We'd be able to bank from home. It would know where we go and control our cars. It could see and hear us in our homes.

Why? Computer chips in cars, in televisions. Why? Everyone forced to have HD TVs. Why? Huge satellite in the sky to control and monitor these computers.

The prediction of California's falling into the ocean is yet to come true, but it will. They found the fault that shows it will. Bush did a bailout to mortgage companies to try and save our economy, but the corrupt just pocketed the money. The Iraq war was to save America from more terrorist attacks.

Obama has printed trillions of dollars for more bailouts, "We're Bankrupt." A few crumbs came down to the people in stimulus checks, peanuts.

Socialized medicine: Canada has it, people are dying waiting for government approval for surgery, etc. Obama wants our Social Security. "No, that's the people's hard-earned money." Our right to bear arms, our safety and food. Save our freedom of speech, our right to bear arms.

We are being deceived. Save America; let freedom ring.

Barbara Melchor


In the plan

To the editor:

Congress is currently in the process of voting on a National Health Care Bill. In order to make sure that this is a bill that we can all live with, call, write or e-mail your senators and representatives and tell them that we expect them to be in the public plan that they devise for the rest of us. If it is good enough for us, it should be good enough for them.

Dolores Kipp


Kudos for content

To the editor:

Though I've owned a second home in Long Barn for 25 years, I spend most of the year in my primary residence on the coast. Consequently, I only enjoy The Union Democrat occasionally, and enjoy it I do. Your opinion pages are especially a relief from those in my regular newspaper, the San Francisco Chronicle.

Let me praise you for carrying the columns of Victor Davis Hanson and Debra Saunders. I only recall seeing Hanson published once in the Chronicle, and a check on the Web revealed that piece had been edited of nearly half its content and most of its bite. As for Debra Saunders, she has the great courage to be a conservative columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle, and is pilloried on a regular basis by letter writers of its "tolerant" community.

As for The Union Democrat's own letters pages: Bravo! There's a consistent diversity of opinion, in great contrast to that of the Chronicle. For example, after the court ruling upholding Prop. 8, the Chronicle op-ed section contained a political cartoon, a guest column and eight letters to the editor all blasting the decision, with one letter describing the initiative as "Prop. Hate." And I know there were opposing opinions submitted, because support for the ruling was expressed in my own letter, which was never printed.

Again, kudos for providing this part-time resident great relief from the slanted opinion pages I must endure off in the coastal flatlands.

Steve Bankhead

Long Barn

Hot weather tip

To the editor:

Here is a low-tech, low-budget idea to make your house a bit cooler using regular household appliances. Fill one or more small plastic water bottles with water and freeze (takes two to four hours), and place in front of a fan. The air circulated will be a little cooler.

When the water bottles get room temperature, put them back in the freezer and alternate with other frozen bottles. You can also wrap a wet towel around these bottles for a little moister air.

David Ashton