Union Democrat staff

Hands off my records

To the editor:

I am extremely concerned that this proposed health care plan would include the government having complete access to my personal health history and records. I do not want some untrained clerk in some government office to have access to these records. In addition, it is written as part of the proposed plan that I would be required to participate because it would be illegal for me to have my own private health care insurance. It would also be illegal for me not to participate in this plan.

The politicians are saying that this would not happen, but what they say and what is written into this plan are not the same. I am also sure that whatever they say about "controlling costs" is also wrong. For example, look at Part D Medicare's prescription plan. It has now cost nearly double what President Bush said it would. How much are they going to increase our taxes to pay for this new program?

Any attempt by any government to provide "universal health care" has cost more than stated, resulted in poorer care, caused care to be rationed, and caused long waiting periods for even the most simple problems. If government health care is so good, why do I hear stories of Canadians crossing into the United States to receive prompt, affordable, quality health care?

Anything the government controls costs more, is slower, and is less efficient than if it was done by the private sector. Keep the government's hands off my body!

Alan O'Neill


Another successful cleanup

To The Editor:

The Community Cleanup day sponsored in Tuolumne each year by The Women's Improvement Society of Tuolumne (TWIST) continues to be a big success. With the help of its members, volunteers from the community, and other local organizations, TWIST is able to help families get rid of unwanted trash and debris.

We appreciate the efforts of not only our volunteers, but all those who pitch in to make Tuolumne a more attractive place to live. Those who asked for assistance helped us facilitate pickup by separating debris into piles such as e-waste, metal, large appliances, bagged yard waste, etc.

There were those who took the time to weed-eat their property or those of neighbors who weren't physically able to do so.

Some people replaced weeds with flowers, painted a long-neglected fence or shed and picked up roadside trash on their daily walks. All of them, plus those who helped with our cleanup day, are the unsung heroes who show the true spirit of community and make Tuolumne a great place to live. Thanks to all of you!

We look forward to an even bigger and better Community Cleanup effort next year and hope everyone continues to do their part to keep things looking beautiful all year long.

Terri Neher, TWIST president


Discover the truth

To the editor:

On July 4, in Utica Park in Angel Camp, I attended another Tea Party. There were speeches, music, and food - and iced tea. There were also dozens of people buying copies of the U.S. Constitution and such books as "Economics in One Lesson" and "Common Sense Revisited".

Steve Fairchild, owner of Moaning Cavern Park, gave a lecture about a scientific test he had done on the limestone deposits in his cave. The results confirmed the Greenland ice cores that showed global warming preceded increased CO2 levels repeatedly over many thousands of years.

Dozens of people watched a DVD of "John Stossel in the Classroom." One segment was about global warming, and Stossel showed excerpts from Al Gore's video, "An Inconvenient Truth," in which Gore shows two ice core graphs, separated, one above the other.

The graphs clearly showed a relationship between global warming and CO2 atmospheric content. This is the basis of the carbon theory of global warming and why people would tolerate the costly AB 32 in California and the highly destructive "Cap and Trade" legislation at the Federal level. People were told CO2 reduction was needed to avoid catastrophic global warming.

One problem: When the graphs were overlaid correctly, it became apparent global warming preceded increased CO2 levels repeatedly. Since CO2 levels rose after warming, it follows CO2 does not cause global warming.

Will the American people discover the truth in time?

Albert J. Segalla


Think about it

To the editor:

Science is the most objective body of knowledge that humankind has yet developed. It is so because the foundation of all science is the employment of the scientific method, wherein any concept is continually open to being challenged by new and better provable information or evidence. Republicans to pause. It found that only six percent of scientists consider themselves to be Republican.

You see, the thing is that those in professions which require professional open mindedness (scientists, educators, journalists) tend to be more liberal. It's not that these professions attract liberals so much as the fact that when one's profession calls for considering a broad cross section of information it causes him to think like a liberal.

Think about it.

Bob Wetzel