Union Democrat staff

Consider customers

To the editor:

Perhaps directors of the Twain Harte Community Services District do not realize the income of a great many of their customers.

Many are seniors on very limited incomes. We do not receive cost of living or any other type of raises, but are constantly being asked to pay more for everything. It seems this last increase in on our water bills was not necessary, and was decided on no matter what the public said.

Why isn't there a discount offered to low income seniors? Also some of the other customers are young couples facing layoff and foreclosures. Are you trying to drive us all away?

Shirley Densmore

Twain Harte

Not the way

To the editor:

No one denies health care needs reform, but the bills before the House and Senate are not the way to do it!

The president wants a bill on his desk before the August recess. Quick action is needed by we the people, so call, e-mail and write every U.S. representative and senator now to demand they stop this nonsense.

Here are highlights: 1) Business owners with five or more employees must provide health insurance, their income tax raised 5 percent and, if they don't provide health insurance, they pay a penalty of an 8 percent increase in taxes. 2) The Bush tax cuts will be repealed in 2011, so they will face yet an additional income tax. 3) Medicare benefits will be reduced - yes, reduced. 4) Here's the real kicker - Congress has exempted itself from having to participate in this program for five years and probably more.

The effect of this? People relying on Medicare will not receive the care they've been receiving, which will increase their out-of-pocket expenses. Businesses will have to do any or all of the following: increase their prices, lay off workers, (move their businesses overseas, go out of business).

This means increased prices to all consumers and higher unemployment. TARP II, the Stimulus Package, the Omnibus Bill, the Cap and Trade Bill have all been voted on without being read by Congress. The final form of the Health Care Bill will probably follow suit. All these bills combined spend several trillion dollars. We thought the Great Depression was bad...

Nancy Bull


Insults at fair booth

To the editor:

I am frankly ashamed of the behavior of many of the young men and boys who attended the Mother Lode Fair. Their insults directed at our Democratic booth were not only vulgar, but totally uncalled for. One man even wanted to get the Obama Cardboard cutout of our president so that, in his words he "could use it for target practice"!

This type of behavior in the young is a result of what they hear in their homes. Derision against those who do not share their particular political viewpoint is not a new occurrence. We have had a Democratic booth for many years and invariably slurs have been launched against our party. At one point there were even people who spit at us.

This is a state-funded event, and bullies of this kind have no place at the county fair. We are fed up with this kind of behavior, and for the first time we want to express our disgust with it. Apparently even the Demolition Derby was not excluded from sly remarks over the loud speaker, insulting the speaker of the House and even the president of the United States.

If people are opposed to someone or some political party, the place to make this known is not at a county fair, but in the voting booth, and last time I looked that is where it was done. Anger against the results that differ from one's own views does not constitute permission to trash the other side.

Pam Dobbs

Democratic Party volunteer


Repair the U.S.

To the editor:

Iran's election violence is filling the media, but let's keep our focus on the U.S. The U.S. is becoming a Third World country while the media looks to Iran for front page news.

Let's keep things in perspective. It was reported in foreign newspapers that over 400 Tehran policemen were treated for wounds from thrown rocks, etc. Most of the violence was caused by militia types, not uniform police. Governments can make bad decisions, like the U.S. in Waco, Texas, where 75 people were incinerated in an unwarranted attack.

The U.S. Congress has authorized over $400 million to be spent on destabilizing Iran. Is this correct diplomacy or money well spent? California can't keep its potholes filled and Washington D.C. has trouble keeping its trains from colliding.

Let's repair the U.S. before we tell other governments how to behave.

Dennis Schneider

Angels Camp