Union Democrat staff

Getting hosed

To the editor:

Re: Klaus Kraemer (letter, July 3).

Sir, what flavor does the Obama Kool-Aid come in? Wait until you see the bill for his handiwork, his inability to rein in Pelosi, Franks and the self-proclaimed progressive ilk.

I keep hearing about all the terrible things Bush did during his presidency, but you and I had it pretty good, didn't we? Well, you can kiss that good-bye, my friend. There won't be any opting out of the personal decisions about your life on this president's watch. We all are going to get hosed from here on out.

J.E. Kitchell

San Andreas

Excessive debt

To the editor:

We now have a president with the charisma of the Jim Jones serving Kool-Aid at a cost that may exceed $20 trillion dollars in new debt. That's over $500,000 of debt for each person living in the U.S. - so states my hero, Collin Powell.

The biggest burden is on real taxpayers, not the public servants with taxpayer-funded and guaranteed wages and retirement benefits: I am one of those lucky ones. You should be real scared, since there is no way to pay off the interest or the principle and continue increasing mandated benefits and federally mandated state funded programs.

Don't believe that we won't have to ration or reduce health care, Social Security, and other government entitlements - maybe even limit litigation, malpractice and expensive drug advertising.

As an ex-soldier, who had to live within my means, rationing is just fine - if it's fair! But, what about all those special people that will be exempted and all those additional "non-citizens" that will come to America to get additional quarter-million dollar surgeries and welfare services, and all those incarcerated for life.

Maybe we should determine up-front who goes to the bottom of the priority list. I recommend the criminals and the politicians that caused this out-of-control mess. Where will you rank on the list? Probably depends on which politician you know and which party runs the rationing boards! Oh! I forgot, the federal government just prints more money and we let our children fix the mess we created.

We must all stop living beyond our means and fix, not destroy our current out-of-control and corrupted Medicare system. Then we can expand it to cover more people. Otherwise Obamageddon is not far off.

Daniel W. Strader


Very disturbing

To the editor:

The story on damage to Groundhog Meadow (Union Democrat, July 1) is very disturbing.

I spoke to (Stanislaus National Forest biologist) Kimberly Peterson, and she had just been up there to check on the status of the meadow and observed that all the tadpoles were dead due to this irresponsible malicious person. I hope this person turns him or herself in.

There is education available through the California Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs using the Tread Lightly program from the U.S. Forest Service. Anyone interested in learning about this program can contact Amy Granat at 916-710-1950 or amy@cal4wheel.com.

I have been using the Stanislaus National Forest for more than 40 years and believe in multiple use so everyone can recreate according to their personal choice, be it logging, getting firewood, hiking, horseback riding, ATV, motorcycle, 4x4, and/or camping.

If anyone knows or think they may know who did this meadow damage, please call California Fish and Game Environmental Crime Hotline at 888-334-2258 or the Stanislaus National Forest at 532-3671. This type of thing affects all of us who want our children and grandchildren to enjoy our beautiful public lands.

Kathy Avery, president

Mud, Sweat & Gears

Four Wheel Drive Club


Superb job

To the editor:

Hoorah for the guys and gal of Tuolumne County Roads for the superb job they all did on the repaving of Soulsbyville Road. These folks dug right in and got the job done in no time. There was little inconvenience to anyone. The county has contracted to do these jobs before, and they took forever.

See what can be done when our own county employees are put to the job? And I hear half of them are losing their jobs due to the budget. What a shame.

Thanks boys and girl.

John Giannini