Union Democrat staff

Attention needed

To the editor:

Paseo De Los Portales in Phoenix Lake Country Club Estates needs some attention. We have potholes in a lot of places, which is dangerous. It makes the subdivision look run down for those who take pride in their property.

One more problem which is very important: When people drive down Paseo De Los Portales, they fly down the hill towards Phoenix Lake Road. One day, someone backing out of his driveway will be hit by a speeder coming down. This is very dangerous. Why can't we have some speed bumps or signs setting a speed limit or even stop signs at the intersection Paseo De Los Robles for the flying autos? This is very serious and something should be done.

Joe and Janet Palumbo


Liberal lies

To the editor:

Response to Mr. Ray Mellana (letter, June 18):

First, no one asked anyone to join the military. This is the freedom we have - the freedom that is slipping away since this Obama has taken reins.

Sarah Palin, Mr. Mellana, has more experience than the community organizer you have foolishly forced be elected. This is a man completely inexperienced for this job. We are in serious trouble. Months in, and he has spent more than Bush in eight years.

He wants to destroy the way this country was founded. Understand that there is an agenda here with this man. You and everyone who voted for him have put this country and our future in jeopardy. I cannot stand the idea of four years. I'll take Ann Coulter, Rush, Hannity, O'Reilly, Dick Morris any day of the week.

They're educated in the way we keep this country free. You better hope we don't get hit again, because there is little security now. The only good thing to come out of this is that we'll never do anything this Carter-stupid again. Obama will prove what disaster is like for this country when you listen to the liberal lies.

Lori Walker

Twain Harte

Disappearing wetlands

To the editor:

The Bret Harte Union High School District has done it again - found another loophole to legally confiscate more of the wetlands adjacent to its sports complex.

Before BHUHSD bought the property, a meeting was held for suggestions. Attendees thought more classrooms or updated science equipment would be more appropriate, but they talked in vain. The decision was made and the field purchased.

A BHUHS report states, "jurisdictional waters will be disturbed by the expansion." You would think BHUHSD science department would have used the destruction of wetlands to study the animals that have been disappearing. Would have been a wonderful study for aspiring environmentalists. However, the students would have probably been vocal about the disappearance of the ducks and geese that used the wetlands on their spring and fall migrations.

"The Bret Harte High School Site Raptor and Tricolored Blackbird Survey" was done in 1998, but I didn't see one of those this time. They must know the blackbirds and falcons are gone.

We now have eight ballfields in the city including the four at BHUHSD. In these economic times, do we really need to enlarge a ball field? Or use that money to educate students? Last time I looked at education statistics, California was at the bottom of the pack.

Acquisition of the wetlands at .24 acre at a time must be the legal "loophole" that allows a way around the regulations. I wonder if this is the way all wetlands in the United States will eventually be decimated?

Denice Branson

Angels Camp