Union Democrat staff

Officer's thanks

To the editor:

I just wanted to thank all of those that have held me in their thoughts and prayers since my accident on May 16. We should all be thankful to live in such a strong and supportive community. I would ask that each of you who read or share your opinions in this forum to take the same amount of time to share your love and friendship with your community.

After all, we all share the same gift, life. I hope that my accident has reminded us that although "we live in Sonora," our public safety employees do face danger. Please thank them for their service and support them in their duties. And again, thank you for supporting my co-workers, my family, and me.

Jeff Aitken

Sonora police officer

Gang of four

To the editor:

I am aghast at some of the people of this county and their thinking. The state is broke and laying off employees. Tuolumne County government is doing the same, and underpaid deputy sheriffs are hacking up even more.

The Visiting Nurses Association has been palmed off on private enterprise (translation: Sonora Regional Medical Center) - a move that will certainly cost the end users (the patients) even more money. Everything is looking bleak. All except at the Tuolumne Utilities District, thanks to the gang of four - Day, Balen, Behee, and Rotelli.

Recently a large tea party was held that accomplished nothing. Where were all these people when they could have had a real impact on taxation without representation? The next time there is a tea party I suggest we keep the tea and throw TUD in the Bay. However, in defense of the partygoers' total waste of time, it appears that my protest is equally a waste of time.

Donald Stowell


What damage?

To the editor:

In her letter (June 23), Patricia DuFur asks, "When does Obama take responsibility for all the damage he is doing to our country?"

Would she kindly answer my question: What damage has President Obama done to our country? Please? Do you mean the collapse of so many banks? The hundreds of billion dollars to keep others from failing? The near crash of the world's financial system? The bursting of the real estate bubble and mortgage market that caused many families to lose their homes? The credit crunch that caused our industries to contract? The layoffs that drove our jobless rate to a record of 11.5 percent?

These things did not start happening on President Obama's inauguration day. They built up over years and culminated in 2008, when then-President Bush took the worthiest action of his eight years in the White House: His administration committed $700 billion to bail out banks (the so-called TARP money). It even loaned $14 billion to prop up GM, just to delay the bankruptcy, which was 20 years in the making.

Now President Obama deals adroitly with all the problems that were put on his shoulders five months ago: bringing the Iraq war to an end; going after al Qaida in Afghanistan, mending our relations with the world - oh, and one more task: keeping the country from falling into another Great Depression.

He even finds time and strength to try and end our society's most shameful shortcoming and goad the healthcare industry into offering health insurance to all of us, not only to the healthy - if they can afford the run-away premiums.

Klaus Kraemer