Union Democrat staff

Desperate need

To the editor:

If our board of supervisors needs an idea for a stimulus project, how about looking at Fuller road in Twain Harte? I feel like I live in Baghdad, Iraq, every time I drive it. It desperately needs to be repaved. We would be better served repaving this road and leaving the fix-up of a hiking trail for later. You need to reset your priority list.

Tom Bester

Twain Harte

Interrogation methods

To the editor:

I suppose, being a Vietnam-era vet, I may have a slightly different view of the issues pertaining to interrogation techniques used on suspected terrorists in and from Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Although, it seems to me that there wasn't near as much how-to-do over the treatment of American prisoners taken and abused during the Korean and Vietnam conflicts/wars, as there are more than a few terrorist-suspect pictures, floating around and exploited.

There are tons of photos showing American POWs with their rib, hip, pelvis bones virtually exposed due to severe inhumane treatment of their captors. And these were truly conditions falling under the Geneva Convention rules of treatment. Where are the recordings of the American outcries for these heroic individuals?

Instead, we find clamoring groups of people crying out for some guys that were stripped naked and posed together, with sexual connotations, I might add. But they were obviously well fed and showed no signs of physical abuse.

Without asking my compatriots of war, I'll bet they would have taken stripping and posing any day, as compared to the physical abuse and neglect they endured during their captivity. I stand, pray and salute my brothers in arms for their awesome commitment and sacrifice for this, our American country - which exhibits much more division than support for an heroic group of men and women who are risking their very existence for our liberty. Lest we forget our heritage and its costs.

Wally George


Reserve judgment

To the editor:

It is difficult to prove or disprove voter fraud in Iran. If there was fraud, can the mullahs justify taking control for security reasons? If the German government in the 1930s cheated to deny Mr. Hitler entry into government, one might say it was justified.

The mullahs are aware of the U.S. and foreign interests spending large sums of money to secure regime change and suspect terrorist bombings within their borders are the consequences. Congress has allocated 300 million American dollars to "encourage" regime change.

The mullahs are very secretive about their political and security decisions. The U.S. invaded Iraq for questionable reasons and tens of thousands of innocents have paid the price. American politicians, past and present, have repeatedly stated "all options are on the table" for a military strike on Iran. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, in her presidential campaign, was very belligerent on this subject.

If I was an Iranian mullah in charge of Iran, I might also control a presidential election to affect foreign policy and Security.

We should be reserved about judging other governments. Iranians live next to Afghanistan and Pakistan and have a right to worry about security and control of security.

Dennis Schneider

Angels Camp