Union Democrat staff

Illegal parkers

To the editor:

I found it very amazing how some people in Sonora think that breaking the law is not a big deal.

Today when I was leaving the movie theater, I found a car parking next to the hydrant. Right by the first parking line to the right of the movie theater. What if a fire broke out?

Did the person who parked there not realize why the line meant "no parking?" Did this person, who was feeling lazy, believe that parking there would save enough walking to make it worthwhile? I hope the employee to whom I reported the illegal parking called the police. The owner of the car deserves a big fine.

Sandra Lascari


Competitive capitalism

To the editor:

For the people who still blame Bush for our present economic dilemma I can only partially agree. When Bush left office, the national debt was just under $500 billion and he started the disastrous bailout.

But nobody held a gun to the head of Obama to make him continue the bailout or have a trillion dollar stimulus package to the point where we are now more than a trillion dollars in debt. For that he must assume the responsibility.

He must also assume the responsibility for not allowing more drilling for gas and oil especially in the shale deposits and offshore. California could solve a lot of its financial woes by more drilling off the coast and imposing a $10 per barrel depletion tax without drastically affecting the price of oil.

As a political nonpartisan, I hate to see all three branches of government in the hands of one party. Normally I would like to see at least one of the branches in the hands of the opposition party, as the best legislation is normally one of compromise between the two ideological extremes.

Competitive capitalism is the financial base this country was built on, not socialism. Even Karl Marx admitted the benefits of capitalism in his Manifesto.

We fought World War II to get rid of Hitler's National Socialistic Democratic (Nazi) Party and the Cold War to get rid of Communism. Let us not fall into this trap.

Ken Thompson


No politicians

To the editor:

I think parks are great, but they are also very wasteful and mistreated when in public hands. Politics is no place for parks and recreation.

Our parks should all (every single one of them) be turned over to private trusts and similar voluntary, private entities. It is a waste of taxpayer money to support political boondoggles, no matter how worthy the cause may seem. Society is better left to voluntarily support causes. It is much more reasonable and honorable to maintain parks through voluntary efforts, than to coercively manipulate taxpayers and their money to force support of politically polluted causes.

So much taxpayer money is wasted in legal battles and political debate, in arguments over land use and other boondoggles. Everyone that wants to save these parks should be looking at what they can personally do to help the parks, without trying to politically manhandle other citizens and their money.

Why use the ugly force of government? Aren't their enough of us who are willing to voluntarily donate money or time, in voice and support of what we like in our society?

The fact that so many parks are run by government is sad and ugly. The land should be returned to the people so society can put their hand into the care and protection, side by side with the enjoy, where the fate lies in political debate and waste. Let's return the parks to trusts and voluntary organizations. Let's put the parks in the hands of those who love them, not in some politician's pocket.

Matt Lamanuzzi


Fire the bum

To the editor:

After reading the article about the possibility of our burgeoning county jails getting prisoners from the state system, I think it's time we terminate the terminator. Arnold Schwarzenegger's vindictiveness against the voters of this state has really gotten out of hand and he, like his predecessor, should be booted out of office.

He was elected to do a job and, instead of handling the problems logically, he comes out firing indiscriminately at anything and everything. That's a movie mentality for you, and no way to deal with reality or problem solving for the state of California. Let's fire the bum and all the other bums that aren't putting our interests ahead of their own.

Myrna Doering