Union Democrat staff

Draft dodgers? To the editor:

Re: Ray Mellana's letter (June 18, "Fearsome Four").

I would suggest that he be a bit more careful with his comments about "those Republican draft dodgers." Before throwing stones, perhaps he should first examine the military records of his Democratic heroes: Obama, Biden, tax-cheat Secretary of the Treasury Geithner, etc. And of course we are all familiar with the fantastic military service record of that Democratic hero, Bill Clinton, whose people now make up a good portion of this administration's top echelon of appointees.

Mr. Mellana, would you also classify Clinton, Biden, Geithner and Obama as draft dodgers?

Tommy Wells Sonora Buyer for pools To the editor:

In regards to the letter written by Katie Foletti about Tuolumne County closing its pools (June 12), one solution comes to mind: Maybe the Sonora Regional Medical Center can buy the pools, too. They seem to be the only one that can continue county programs at this time.

Kathleen Mills Kracy Bagdad, Ariz.Freedoms barometerTo the editor:

As P.T. Barnum has said, there is one born ever minute.

I know it is difficult to admit that one has made a mistake, but keeping your head buried in the sand will not help. Many people try to make you look like a lunatic if you believe in "conspiracy theories," but you only have to look at history to see that people of power have conspired to accomplish their goals since the beginning of time.

I cannot quote the book, but it was stated that in many cases it is easier to brainwash highly intelligent people than people of average intelligence. I'm not saying that one of your letter writers is highly intelligent, but he appears to be totally engulfed in the notion that Obama can not do anything wrong.

I think he should also, check out the definition of socialism. Socialism is when the government takes over privately owned enterprises, and when you consider that control of banks, some insurance companies, auto companies, and now the health industry, and Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac are pretty much government controlled, that kind of covers the top companies in the United States.

I still don't understand why the liberals hated Bush so much, since he was in agreement with so many of their principals, and McCain only varied in some very few areas from Obama. I have seen almost 70 years of change and trust me, it has not been for the better except for the civil rights of minorities.

Put your individual freedoms barometer to a test and see what you come up with. What are they doing to our Founding Fathers' country?

James Schlotthauer Sonora