Union Democrat staff

Michelson thanks

To the editor:

The Michelson School Parents Club would like to thank all of you that helped make the 20th annual Chicken in a Barrel Dinner and Silent Auction another huge success.

To all the generous businesses in Arnold, Murphys, Angels Camp and surrounding areas that donated items for our silent auction and raffle or helped with our event (there are too many to list), thank you.

Also, many thanks to all the helpers and the chair people, Miles Puccinelli, Janice Webber, Shana Nash, Tim Smith, Jim, Yvonne, and Haley Heryford, Tracy Thompson, Diane Coit, Jim Bailey, Laurie Hull, Kim Sturgeon, Jennifer Berry, Eugenia Medina, the Michelson School teachers, the sheriff volunteers, and Dave Matildi (our DJ), Holly Johnston and Studio 4 Dancers. Without these people our event would not run as smoothly as it did.

Most of all, we'd like to thank all of you that attended and supported our fun-filled, family day event in lovely Murphys Community Park. Hope to see you next year, the last Sunday in May.

Linda Coit-Ayala

event coordinator

Sad day

To the editor:

With the stamp of approval from the City Council, there are some looking forward to the coming of Lowe's as a new and glorious day for our community.

The people of Tuolumne County pride themselves on being "people who help people" and "a community that cares." Much of that feeling comes from the community participation of our local small businesses. Fundraisers, benefits, school functions and just about anyone local who needs a helping hand can count on these businesses for donations, contributions and sponsorships. Will Lowe's give the same support to our community as our small business do?

These small businesses didn't do a demographic study before opening to see if they were going to make money. Many put their own money on the line to bring a needed service or product here when there was none, and struggled to keep their own doors open when times were tough.

Lowe's isn't bringing us anything new and it's not doing us any favors by coming here. They are only coming to make money, even if it is simply by sucking it from these small businesses that already exist. While the profits from Lowe's go to their corporate headquarters, the owners of our local businesses spend a good portion of their profits right here in our community.

Instead of safeguarding the uniqueness of our community, there are those who are willing to sell it off for the sameness we find everywhere. Unfortunately, the few nickels and dimes they might save will come at a high cost to the life we all love as being residents of this gem of a community, Sonora.

Diane Woodworth


Questions answered

To the editor:

I couldn't resist answering a few questions posed by Christine Leers (Letters, June 11) in response to my letter about "senseless noise."

First, I am not a Muir expert, although I have read his adventures and feel comfortable saying he would not be so rude and selfish as to ride an ATV through an area where others were trying to enjoy nature's gifts. John Muir walked everywhere, rarely using even a horse. He truly enjoyed all the real sounds of nature.

Second, my sons made lots of noise, at home or while playing games, etc. They also rode motorcycles and ATVs and had noisy cars and trucks. But they were taught to respect the feelings of others and would not expect to be able to ride wherever they simply wanted to. You sound as though you may allow your daughter to ride around while you fish, not caring about the noise. By the way, reading about John Muir is a lot more fun than fishing.

Third, I personally have owned motorcycles, quads, sports cars, chain saws, dozers, etc., all noisy and fun, but I respect my neighbors and others who don't enjoy these things. There are too many roads and other areas available to motor sports already.

And why all the weird comments about drugs? Relax.

William Bergmann


Centenarian's thanks

To the editor:

I'd like to thank The Union Democrat for printing the lovely article about the charter members of the Centenarian Society for Tuolumne County (May 21). Also, thanks to the Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors and Sharon Beuttler for the special attention they have given to us.

Clara Holloway