Union Democrat staff

Conservative thought

To the editor:

In his June 8 letter, David Wynne parrots the contemporary conservative claim that "conservative thought ... is based on values established by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution."

The Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights are arguably the most radical and liberal documents in human history. Conservatives at the time, the Tories, actively supported continued allegiance to Great Britain. Then, as now, conservatives were doing what they have tended to do throughout history and across cultures - protecting their interests by offering obeisance to plutocracies and theocracies.

Mark Jonas


Volunteers the answer

To the editor:

Instead of simply closing the parks, why not turn over the operation to the volunteers? The parks may suffer a bit from lack of professional management, but it may be better than closing them entirely and letting them deteriorate. Maybe one superintendent could travel around reviewing the volunteers' work.

William Bergmann


Chopping block

To the editor:

The Area 12 Agency on Aging is facing the governor's chopping block.

This will cost our state millions of dollars and put the disabled and elderly into institutions prematurely while others will be left to die as their medical benefits are cut.

Area 12 Agency on Aging serves five counties, including our own Tuolumne County. It helps people maintain their independence while continuing to live in their own homes. This serves our community and saves money that would otherwise be spent placing them in and caring for them in a nursing home. Please contact Area 12 at 532-6272 for the phone numbers to call to keep this important service. Do it now. Do it today.

Joyce Flannery


Cut spending and taxes

To the editor:

It does not surprise me that Supervisor Liz Bass blamed all of the budget problems on Proposition 13. It is because of exactly this attitude that trust in government is at an all time low.

The response to the defeat of tax increases has, once again, been met with threats from the politicians. Government's attitude of "we'll get even with you miserable taxpayers for not giving us a blank check" resonates again with threats in cuts to after-school programs, music, the county Recreation Department, and closure of parks and campgrounds.

As they are stewards of our hard-earned money, we expect more from our politicians.

What was the purpose of repaving Tuolumne Road at an expense of $800,000 of taxpayers' money? The detour to Hess Avenue during this repaving showed how desperate our other roads are in need of repair.

What was the purpose of spending $1.5 million for a bicycle lane on Mono Way? And now you have big plans for a new government building.

In fact, when our government can't get the money from the taxpayer, they use their Bond Credit Card and get the money from China. This reckless spending and borrowing policy is why we need more Proposition 13s.

Prior to Proposition 13, people were losing their homes due to speculation on values of their homes. They were literally taxed out of their homes. Farmers lost their farms based on this speculation and re-evaluation of their farms.

Don't let history repeat itself. Cut taxes and cut spending at the top, not the bottom. Bring some sensibility back into the way our money is spent.

Tom Birks