Union Democrat staff

Fearless foursome

To the editor:

The spokesmen of the Republican Party now are the fearless foursome doughboys Cheney, Gingrich, Limbaugh and Rove, each a Vietnam War draft dodger. All of you remaining loyal and patriotic Republicans must lift up your hearts and gird your loins for the battle against those dreaded "socialists" in the White House and Congress, because help surely must be on the way - led by G. W. Bush and his Texas longhorns, namely, Tom Delay, Phil Gramm and Dick Armey. By the way, has anybody seen Dubya lately?

Surely, the GOP, or what is left of it after the vast majority of Americans elected that "dangerous" Barack Obama as their leader, can do better than that gruesome quartet. How about Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter to bring womankind into the "good old boy" political playground?

Ray Mellana


One question

To the editor:

I have just read that Sonora Regional Medical Center is taking over Hospice and VNA. One question comes to mind:

Will Sonora Regional Medical Center take the same care and compassion that has been the general rule of Hospice and VNA? Or will it view this in the financial way of just another dollar sign to gain from a family which is suffering? Will it expect employees to be robotic and unemotional, to do their job, clean up and leave?

Will they not sit with family members, put their arms around them, cry with them, hold the children who just lost a grandparent or parent or sibling, and try to explain what just happened? Will they not sit with a spouse who just not only watched the love of their life leave them, but now feels the emptiness of it all? Will SRMC expect or allow the Hospice or VNA employee to softly explain how to get services for funerals, or life support, or other medical needs?

Kathleen Mills Kracy

Bagdad, Ariz.

(Kathleen Kracy is a former Sonora area resident whose family has been cared for by Hospice and VNA).

Speak out

To the editor:

I sent the text of your June 12 editorial today, regarding reducing the size of state government, to our governor. It was an excellent article, spelling out the effects the state will and has had on our local economy and lives.

I recommend more of my Tuolumne County neighbors do the same. Speak out before we see another six-month siege in the capitol, with a crippled state government.

Gene S. Salvetti


No animals, please

To the editor:

I continue to be surprised at the number of persons who are willing to flaunt California law and bring their animals to the Certified Farmers Market, where food is sold.

I no longer purchase any of the bakery treats, since I have, on several occasions, observed dogs sniffing the tables of food.

We all understand that pet owners love their pets, and I am also an animal lover. But there are venues where pets are inappropriate and illegal (with the exception of service dogs).

I notice that leashes are often draped over distances of several feet, creating a tripping hazard. And I have witnessed dogs urinating on curbs and such in the area of the food stalls.

I have visited several farmers markets at different locations in California and have observed that the code relating to animals is always posted on a large sign, and all pets are prevented from entering the location.

The Sonora Farmer's Market is a wonderful addition to downtown on Saturday morning and offers a great variety of fresh produce and local craft items. Pet owners, please have consideration for others and leave your pets at home.

Yvonne Kearney


No sacred cows

To the editor:

Extraordinary times sometimes call for sharp measures. No person or entity - city, county, state, or federal - should take a bigger hit than any other. There should be no sacred cows. Also, tax churches and nonprofits as the businesses they are.

Mike Johnson

Twain Harte