Union Democrat staff

Crisis questioned

To the editor:

Changing economic times do not have to mean economic crisis. People toss the word "crisis" around to describe change, often drastic change, and react with negative, knee-jerk reactions to change, albeit social or political.

We know this to be true with the financial markets. Likewise, this idea holds true even if you lose most of your possessions, housing, or even employment in the process of life changes in the micro-economy that we all rely on most directly.

What is important in these changing times is to decide how we relate to change. Does losing a house equal a crisis? How about losing a job? Only if you decide to measure it that way, and thus allow your reactions to change to certify it as a life-crushing crisis.

There are people who have survived on so much less and in times of higher uncertainty than we, who now have become used to an engineered standard of living. Ironically, even with excess, many are very unhappy. Americans, with our chosen reflections on change, have often fallen short of the ideal mindset.

When I hear angry rants in the media about someone they didn't elect, or in the change of their personal situations that their personal choices didn't prepare for, or in the desperate reflections of situations completely out of our control, it is important to know that our emotional projections and our choices in how we react to change, planned or unplanned, will dictate how well we ride out the storms.

My grandparents weathered the Great Depression just fine. Then again, they appreciated the little things in life most take for granted in 2009.

Cryss BlackWolf


New golden day

To the editor:

The inference, or picture, received by listening to Messrs. Craig Pedro and Greg Applegate is one of a new golden day following the advent of "their project" of installing a Lowes store in Sonora.

Eighty new jobs - my, my, my. Will these jobs be filled by persons presently working at the old line, and successful, suppliers such as Andy's, OSH, J.S. West, Twain Harte Lumber, multiple garden centers and so on, following their demise at the hands of "corporate greed"?

Oh yes, let us not forget the increasing tax base. Of course you have to discount the fact that the present "successful and local" businesses will no longer be filling the tax basket when their sales fall, and their businesses succumb to the wonderful Pedro/Applegate solution to all of our problems. Hogwash.

You guys must have been taking deception lessons from members of the California State Legislature. This project was shoved down the throats of the citizens and the supervisors. The massive Walmart "monster store" expansion is another of those "can't live without it" projects that will soon be sweeping over us. Who are these guys?

James M. and Constance R. Dresbach


God protect us

To the editor:

Obama wants to tax your private-payroll health care. He wants to socialize Medicare for seniors and throw 9 million seniors off health insurance.

He wants to cut costs so he can use the money for a secret "socialized medicine" bill. Left wing radicals in Congress are writing. Call your U.S. representatives.

Bush privatized your social security for private health plans. Look what happened: those who kept social security were still safe.

Baby boomers did not break social security. They paid into it until 65, like you and me. Clinton, Bush Sr., Bush Jr. borrowed for three wars and paid to rebuild war zones. But they did not pay our social security back. Fix the budget - no more social security or aid to illegals.

Schwarzenegger cut SSI. Now 50,000 welfare recipients will be cut. There will be more homeless and starvation with his plan. More deaths.

The bailout should have been given to the American workers and families, who would have spent it. Stores would still be open, jobs and banks still working. But no, they gave it twice to crooks who robbed us.

People who max out on credit cards and don't pay them off, get another and another, max them out. Not paying. It's illegal, it's sin.

Obama's even selling out our American sovereignty to the muslims. Where's our militia when government is out of control. God protect all Christians and their families.

Barbara Melchor