Union Democrat staff

John Muir debate

To the editor:

In response to William Bergmann AKA president of the "Senseless Noise Pollution Club."

How absurd can you get? So you are a John Muir expert, I take it. Are you sure he wouldn't have had a quad if given the chance? No, I am sure you don't know.

My daughter is grown now and never had a problem with drugs, and she grew up with as you put it "senseless noise."

What keeps your kids off drugs? Reading John Muir? What do you allow them to do for fun? Are they only allowed to do quiet things?

I agree, I am lucky to live in this area. We hike and ride quads up in the mountains to go fishing quite often and I hope we can continue. Just curious - have you ever been on a quad or are you commenting on something you know nothing about?

Christine Leers


Dog park

To the editor:

I was just hoping you had some good news about the Covey Circle Dog Park. I have a pug named Hoover and a Beagle named Molli Mae. I try to take them out as often as I can, but there are fewer places for them to play now that Sonora is the Big City.

If the puppies and I are going to be consuming twice the McDonald's shouldn't we have a place to work it off? A dog park would be low maintenance and I will gladly volunteer to help take care of it. They are such a nice addition to any community, places where friends gather, people relax and watch puppies, and communities are revived.

Maybe we could have our new Lowe's donate some of the materials. Do you think it will ever happen?

Zeb George


Classic bureaucracy

To the editor:

As an employee of a concessionaire in Columbia State Historic Park, I have seen practices that would make the average taxpayer cringe.

The state of California has obviously bitten off more than it can chew in purchasing the town of Columbia and the many additional buildings that came with it. The state-owned properties are in a sad state of disrepair, and getting worse. The most basic procedures (paint, sealing windows, and stopping roof and plumbing leaks) to stop deterioration are not being employed. The buildings are rotting where they stand, and occasionally one building will be refurbished at enormous taxpayer expense because of previous neglect.

The state has invented a new term for its neglect: "deferred maintenance." This just means not doing things that absolutely must be done because of lack of will or money, or both. At the same time, the state tries to hold concessionaires responsible for expensive repairs that make it nearly impossible to stay in business. Most of these repairs could have been minimized with proper inspection and maintenance in the past.

It's a classic bureaucracy: A bunch of government functionaries, making twice as much money as the people they serve, wasting taxes and resources, with no consequences to themselves for mismanagement.

Sam Greenberger