Union Democrat staff

Frenzy reaction

To the editor:

This is in response to Rick Shackley's "Feeding frenzy" letter of a few days ago. Great Letter, Rick! Expect more of these kinds of things as our budget-strapped, mini-empires scramble to separate our citizens from their money. What you described is a perfect example of the various arms of government creating problems where no problems exist and then solving those imaginary problems in efforts to create demand for their own existence. Perhaps the time has come to abolish some of these unneeded and unwanted government entities. What a great way to save a few billion tax payer dollars.

Sam Elkins


Spewing of hatred

To the editor:

Re: Palestinian leader Abbas. Arab leaders should not have to do anything. It's Israel which has imprisoned Gaza, not the Arabs. It's Israel that believes that assassinations are moral. It's Israel that has stolen the lands, not the Arabs. How can Palestinians stop the "spewing of hatred" when their children go hungry and their borders are surrounded by sharp shooters with helicoptors filling the night air with noise makers?

Remember, Hamas and Hezbollah are the outcome of Israeli military action, not Arab generated.

Dennis Schneider

Angels Camp

Narcissistic president

To the editor:

Re: Dona Swan letter, May 28:

I find it hard to believe that people are at this point still fighting for the very poor decision they made in electing this unqualified, groomed-by-George Sorros, Obama. We have watched our country come to the brink of the way of Europe, with the giving away of our beliefs.

Obama wants control. He isn't interested in us. He's interested in him. Narcissistic personalities are never wrong, want constant attention and plenty of worshipers.

We need a leader. Someone that understands the way business works. This is an embarrassment to the world to have such an administration with no experience in world matters. China and Russia are laughing at us.

Soon, I predict, the real Obama will emerge. Narcissistic personalities are bullies, and he has already exposed that behind closed doors. Over the next months and years, watch: Your messiah will begin to crumble when he isn't getting his own way. In the meantime, I pray we get the kind of sensible rescuers within his administration to begin to stop some of the insanity he's trying to promote.

Wealth is going quickly, and with that goes charity giving and taxes to the state and federal. We are in deep trouble, I have said from day one. Children shouldn't vote. Too many child-like thinking adults without facts, voted. And bought the media hype. Look at the results. Hang on to your money, Ms. Swan, inflation is coming.

Lori Walker

Twain Harte

Advice to board

To the editor:

The people have spoken and have recalled the entire Big Oak Flat-Groveland Unified School District Board. Like the people who became disillusioned with George Bush's secretive, poorly thought out policies and elected President Obama, voters have elected a new school board. And like Obama, they cannot undue overnight what it took several years to create.

I hope the new trustees will:

1. Listen to all constituents regardless of background, social standing, and faults ("He who is without sin cast the first stone")

2. Will not speak down to dissidents at board meetings and avoid being defensive and raising their voices. ("Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.")

3. Hold meetings with students and staff apart from monthly board meetings.

4. Visit the schools, especially the classrooms.

5. Not be puppets of, and instead, exercise stronger oversight of the superintendent.

6. Have their e-mail addresses posted on the school district's Web page to allow greater communication with constituents (including students).

7. Appoint a non-voting student board member from each of the two high schools.

8. Post clearly writtenmeeting agendas in a variety of venues in a timely manner.

9. Be of the people, by the people, and for the people.

10. Prejudge no one. Listen to all. Keep personal business, agendas, and prejudices out of their minds, doing everything they do to give our students the best possible education, bar none.

11. Rehire Mr. (Ryan) Dutton

12. Acknowledge Mr. (Tim) King as teacher of the year for teaching Tioga High School students the meaning of proactive democracy.

Robert D. Wilson


Family Fun Day

To the editor:

This letter was also sent to Soulsbyville School. If you didn't attend family fun day on Saturday May 30, you and your kids, or grandkids missed a day filled with lots of fun and information. Especially fun were the water games on the upper field. How often do you get to see the school superintendent get dunked by the students? Also of interest were the egg drop by Mr. Baer and the solar display by Mr. Skutches. Bunches of deals were to be made at the rummage sale and silent auction. What was really impressive was the turnout and hard work by the school staff. A good time was had by all.

Dan Harris