Union Democrat staff

Bold move needed

To the editor:

Only a bold move will move Israel closer to being reasonable with Gaza. The United Nations Security Council needs to send UN

troops to the Gaza border. Troops need to include Turkish, Russian and U.S. troops with large warships 10 miles off shore. The time for quiet diplomacy is over. It is time for all UN resolutions to be respected and implemented if the UN General Assembly ratifies.

Dennis Schneider

Angels Camp

Milquetoast moderates

To the editor:

Colin Powell's recent objection to the conservative movement and Rush Limbaugh seems to suggest that he would prefer that all Republicans be milquetoast moderates in spite of the wanton assault by the present administration on constitutional values and restrictions; wild and capricious spending; gross debt accumulation, etc.

Milquetoast moderates who whine, "Can't we all just get along?" do nothing to solve the enormous problems facing this country now and in the future. Make a definitive statement of what you would like to see happen, Mr. Powell, instead of just criticizing others for expressing their views.

Ken LaBarge


Ignited passions

To the editor:

With a 275-word limit, I'd rather not argue against opinion, but two letters today ignited passions I'm compelled to address. One refutes Mr. Burr's response to "Angry Now." We differ politically but we unite in freedom of speech and disgust of government waste. Fundamental ideology will never assimilate. It's as individual as a fingerprint, but facts mustn't be compromised to question government malfeasance. Obama didn't inherit a bountiful surplus in peacetime, unlike the 43rd president, who left the 44th a running tab on a war in perpetuity and nascent economic recession (for starters). Bush took Clinton's balanced checkbook, doled out rewards to his Park Place friends, gave us bread crumbs and passed Go on the Monopoly board of capitalism, creating the largest gap between rich and poor since before The Great Depression.

Blaming Obama for Bush's mess is like blaming the parents of a 40-year-old who refuses responsibility for his own actions. If stating facts and reminding you who kept watch Sept. 11th, 2001, after receiving dire threat of imminent attack but choosing to vacation instead (imagine Rush's diatribes had that been Obama), is "Bush bashing," I plead guilty.

Now, about the letter, "Outrageous Prices." I concur. I love to thrift for the treasure hunt and pennies stretched, but after the Mono Way bypass forced the Red Church store to move, things changed. Some stores know customers shop to re-sell. Some employees and volunteers have consignment booths in antique shops, some sell on E-Bay, and some stores are wolves hiding under grandma's bonnet. Remember that VISA and certain stores supply demand, and only a boycott demands respect and fairness.

M. Cristina Long