Union Democrat staff


To the editor:

Many Republicans are nervous about socialism. The Republican National Committee, for example, last week seriously considered labeling Democrats the Democratic Socialist Party.

It is interesting that the three Scandinavian countries - Sweden, Norway and Denmark, all with quasi-socialist governments - are among the most prosperous and orderly nations in the world. Taxes are high, to be sure; but their citizens are willing to pay the price for cradle-to-grave welfare and security.

Dick Peterson


A different perspective

To the editor:

In his letter May 20, Tom McMillin made some observations regarding taxes and spending which call for clarification. He began by stating "only things that cannot stand on their own are subsidized" through taxation. He further says "Success is penalized, while failure is rewarded." Schools, libraries, public safety including police and fire protection, military forces and health facilities and services are the usual entities that fall under government subsidies, which he labels as failures.

One can imagine the state of our country should we decide that these vital parts of our national being must be self-supporting. It wouldn't be long until we sank back to the level of third world countries, as we would have a nation of ignorance, wide spread poverty, ill health; we would be at the mercy of the wealthy few.

He further states: "No government anywhere, anytime has ever spent its way out of a bad economy." Let us remember that The Great Depression of the 1930s ended with the onset of World War ll, when the government began a massive spending program to prepare itself for the coming conflict. It was government spending on a grand scale that got the country's economy going again.

The Republican Party at one time maintained it was the party that stood for fiscal integrity by demanding that our government maintain a balanced budget and operate within its means. That changed when President Reagan's administration tripled the national debt, and was continued under both Presidents G.H.W. Bush, and G.W. Bush. It was only under the so-called "Tax and spend" Democrats in the '90s that we experienced a balanced budget. Meanwhile, the Republicans continue to do greater harm by their policy of "borrow and spend."

Mahlon Conly

Twain Harte

Sentimental value

To the editor:

I would like to thank the person who turned in my gold bracelet at the Tuolumne Post Office. This bracelet is of sentimental value. My brother gave it to me. Again, thank you very much.

Berta Renteria


Support local businesses

To the editor:

In response to Linda Bernal's letter to the editor on May 19: Yes, we are losing jobs due to the closure of several businesses in the area. That is a sad fact. However, Lowe's is not the answer to solve the problem.

Lowe's is a large box store that will bring about 60 to100 jobs. Lowe's is corporate, which means the high-paying manager jobs will be farmed in. Other small businesses are going to be directly affected by the opening of Lowe's and not in a good way. Companies that have been in business for years in our area are not going to be able to compete. This means that some of those small businesses are going to close their doors.

At these small businesses are people who have worked there for years and have managed to earn a decent income, definitely more than minimum wage. How much money do you think they are going to pay you at Lowe's? How many more jobs are going to be lost? The local businesses in operation now are working hard to survive as it is.

Don't get me wrong. Having competition can be a great thing when there is enough business for it. If we support our existing local businesses, then maybe they can expand and continue to hire our local citizens. In closing, what does Lowe's provide that we don't already have here?

Tammy Johnson