Union Democrat staff

A simple suggestion

To the editor:

Of course, if you don't like a single-payer plan, how about giving the good people of the United States the same health plan their elected representative in Congress enjoy? If you gave it to yourselves, it shouldn't be that difficult to give it to us.

Brian Flaherty


Feeding frenzy

To the editor:

Sitting at the window in Crusco's on Main Street in downtown Angels Camp on Frog Jump Saturday evening, I couldn't help but think I was watching an episode of "Animal Planet."

It was as if I was watching a feeding frenzy of sharks rapidly devour a small school of fish. In reality, it was a large number of squad cars pulling over nearly every vehicle they happened on.

At 8:30 p.m., the shark numbers nearly equaled the passing tourists. I watched for well over an hour while I enjoyed a superb meal with a delightfully calming atmosphere. From my seat, I observed not one civilian infraction, but countless breaches by our peace officers.

What was this all about? One in five vehicles was law enforcement. Did they know something that the rest of us didn't? Maybe they suspected the devil was hitching a ride into this camp of angels.

I believe in the long run this militant display will cost Angels Camp and its residents a great deal, not to mention what the exhibition itself must have cost. It was extremely intimidating to all.

A good and far less intimidating way to set the pace for future events would be to set up sobriety check points to declare zero tolerance. That way anyone visiting for the first time wouldn't mistake our community for a war zone.

I've said my piece now and I will continue to search the remnants for my freedom in hopes that it still remains in this "land of the free." If you love this town, maybe you should say your piece as well.

Rick Shackley

Angels Camp

Get over it

To the editor:

To all disenfranchised Republicans (including this newspaper): The Democrats won ... get over it!

Your party has had since 1980 and Ronald Reagan's (Milton Friedman) economic misadventures to totally screw up the world's economy with a "give it to the boys at the top who are going to make everyone rich" and "trickle down" economics. This idea had appeal: Yes, the boys at the top would make sure that a ton of money would roll in because their own self interest was at stake. Businesses, large and small would keep employment high thereby ensuring that everyone would benefit with full employment.

Wrong. Deregulation and "look the other way" became "Jesus's Money Changers In The Temple of Greed." People had jobs, but money flowed up, not down. We (not those at the top) lost benefits, cost-of-living raises, security through home ownership and, the cruelest blow of all, jobs. In the whole rationale to sell "trickle down," jobs trickled out of the United States.

I really feel sorry for you "sour grape" folks. You are missing out on the fun, the excitement and the absolute joy of taking on the big money boys and their negative, hypocritical spokespeople, Rush Limbaugh and "fixed news." Hopefully, Obama et al can unravel the complete financial jigsaw mess created by years of undisciplined excess.

Quit whining, people. Help, not hinder and remember that all our children's futures depend on a duly elected president's success, not failure.

Dona Swan


Credit card 'relief'?

To the editor:

If this is the kind of phony "relief" we get on credit cards, I'm afraid to think what will happen to health care. Will it be prettied up to look good without offering the real significant change we so desperately need? This must not happen! Where is the real change we voted for?

Sheila Doyle