Union Democrat staff

Worst representation

To the editor:

My husband Lyman and I are both handicapped and unable to attend meetings in the county, but we want our opinions heard.

I wonder who is running our county. It appears the "fox is guarding the hen house."

I was born and lived in this county. I have voted in 61 elections, this is the worst representation I have seen. You have no idea how to run a county.

To buy property on projected revenue and have no positive idea where that money is coming from is the worst. So your idiotic way of thinking, you closed Tuolumne General Hospital. You have have seen the economic crisis coming long before it became full blown. We should have a choice.

Now you are selling the disabled and elderly down the drain by doing away with the Visiting Nurses. There are many in the county, who are elderly, disabled, who need the Visiting Nurses to care for us. My husband needs their expertise at the present. We cannot go to town three or four times a week for their care.

It is time for all of you to get your head out of the sand, take off the rose-colored glasses and do what is right for the residents of this county.

Rethink what you have done or about to do. We deserve better.

Virgie Holman


Rude supervisor

To the editor:

During two recent Calaveras County Board of Supervisors meetings, Supervisor Russ Thomas was verbally rude to many who attended, including, me. Consequently, two supervisors felt compelled to apologize to me for Supervisor Thomas' comments.

I gave a lot of thought before writing this letter. But after hearing from dozens of people by phone and in person and watching meetings on TV or on the Internet, I chose to write it.

Supervisor Thomas' rudeness has also been directed at members of the board. I have not seen them be rude to him. With all the problems confronting our county, it would be nice if Supervisor Thomas comes to an understanding that disrespect of others hinders needed progress in our county.

Supervisor Thomas represents some of the finest forward thinking Calaveras County citizens. Perhaps he could use their modeling for his behavior. I still like and respect Supervisor Thomas as a person. People expect their elected officials to be respectful. I believe he just has to learn that people who hold viewpoints different from his still deserve to be treated with respect. Continuing down this path may leave him open to recall or a very serious challenge during his next election.

I have volunteered in this county for more than 30 years by serving on several boards and commissions as a member and chairperson. I believe I know of what I speak of as an elected official of the Calaveras County Office of Education.

In closing, I will continue to bring issues at future Board of Supervisors' meetings. Remember, democracy is not a spectator sport. It is about real, honest and respectful people solving real issues.

George Fry

Angels Camp

Wrong track

To the editor:

In my opinion, the Tuolumne Utilities District is on the wrong track. But rather than just complain about rate increases (which I have done), I would like to offer a simple solution to the problem.

TUD directors should order General Manager Pete Kampa to deliver to them, post haste, the five areas most in need of repair. Then, they should order that these repairs be made one at a time, worst to least bad, on a pay-as-you-go system. No Band-Aids, but true repairs. Then they should ask for five more.

Then they should place a freeze on employee wages, hours, benefits. No reduction, just a freeze. Then they should order no further expansion of the system until all of current TUD infrastructure is up to standard.

I believe that properly done, no rate increase could be justified or needed. Unless of course what is really happening at TUD is kingdom building. But that's another story.

Donald Stowell


OHV use

To the editor:

Christine Leers of Sonora says: "We need more OHV use on public land. Have you looked at a map and seen how little land can be used by OHVs? Also, don't you think we need to get our children in the mountains riding bikes, quads, dirt bikes, fishing and away from drugs?"

How absurd can you get? First, a majority of people would like to see this kind of senseless pollution ended completely but are tolerant of others' feelings. Second, if noise-making in the wilderness is what keeps her kids off drugs, she has a problem for sure. I suggest she expose her kids to the writings of John Muir in order to understand the real value of the area she is lucky enough to live in.

William Bergmann