Union Democrat staff

National insurance

To the editor:

It is time for America to join the rest of the developed world by adopting a single–payer health care system. We have seen Medicare working to benefit our seniors since the 1960s, and now it is time to eradicate the medicine-for-profit plague that is sickening our nation by giving national insurance to all.

Represent all of the people who voted for you, not just big pharmaceuticals and the insurance companies. We want a voice at the table now.

Brian Smith

Yosemite National Park

Recall urged

To the editor:

All members of the Tuolumne Utilities District Board but Ralph Retherford should be recalled for the outrageous rate hikes that they have proposed.

How dare they! Everybody today is always crying for money, money, money. We need money! There is always someone elected that is trying to reach in your pocket to pull out the last of your change. With TUD, it is the old approach, folks - if you want the stars, ask for the moon, which you won't get and you will get the stars.

Directors knew well that they wouldn't get the five-year, over-the-top increases they proposed without a fight. They still plan on getting it by raising rates every year. I hope most people are wise to their sneaky plan. What angers me, they want us to conserve water and at the same time, they are unhappy that they don't have more new hookups.

They can start saving water themselves by using the wasted water that comes out of a pipe at the beginning of Phoenix Lake road, near Hess. It has been running for years. If all the water that flowed through it through the years could be had, it would fill Don Pedro.

Delbert Rotelli, like his brother (Larry) that was a county supervisor, is always comparing the rates or salaries of another county, crying because rates and salaries are less here. This is like comparing apples to oranges. We, the people in Tuolumne County don't give a damn about how other counties are run or what their water rates or salaries are.

Norman Reed


VFW gratitude

To the editor:

VFW Post 3154, Honor Guard, and the Ladies Auxiliary would like to express our sincerest thanks to all who supported us at this year's Mother Lode Roundup Parade. As our float passed by, we were all touched by the many hands placed over hearts, salutes and the shouts of "thank you for serving" that were given by the parade goers.

We appreciate all the support and are proud to have served and will continue to serve our great country. We look forward to next year's parade and encourage any combat veterans from past to present to join our local post.

Barb Birks

Ladies Auxiliary

VFW Post 3154


Health care right

To the editor:

Decent health care should be the right of every American, and those who become ill should not be further penalized by having to become bankrupt to pay for health care. Many of those who have lost their homes are on the street simply because they tried to pay the exorbitant costs of medical care when they became ill. There has to be a limit.

Myrna Doering