Union Democrat staff

Money talks

To the editor:

The last time I looked not one corporation had a vote in any election. However, it appears that they have millions and millions and millions of dollars to throw around Congress (both houses).

I guess it's money that talks and voters that "walk." Or, in the case of the United States Senate, are thrown out of the room.

Brian Flaherty


Double whammy

To the editor:

Although the evidence is only anecdotal, I have noticed that friends, family and acquaintances are showing a little unease or confusion and even fear about what is coming out of Washington these days. Then, these are the people who didn't vote for Obama. Well, to be fair, I do know a couple of teachers and one college professor whose admiration for this administration is pathological.

As a conservative, I have been advised by other conservatives not to affix blame for our current problems to any one political party, as it would only serve to turn some people off. In truth, there is plenty of blame to go around.

So, regardless of politics, it is true that if something is subsidized you will have more of it, and conversely, if something is taxed you will have less. Merit notwithstanding, only things that cannot stand on their own are subsidized, and things that can are taxed. Put another way, success is penalized while failure is rewarded.

I only mention this because I want the reader to consider business activity, our economy, employment in general and their personal circumstances when voting for tax and spend politicians. Remember, no government anywhere at anytime has ever spent its way out of a bad economy.

Sacramento has raised taxes already and the politicians there want to make it easier to do so in the future. In addition, Californians are in for a double whammy, with both state and federal debt - and don't buy into the nonsense that it will be only the rich who will pay. One way or another, we will all pay.

Tom McMillin

Mi-Wuk Village

View from Mexico

To the editor:

As a legal resident of California, and as one who presently lives in Mexico, I take exception to Mr. Wally George's letter (May 5).

First, he starts by blaming the Mexican government for acting "too late" in its efforts to contain the swine flu. We are in the state of Sonora, Mexico. No cases of this flu were reported here, but all schools and theaters were closed quickly. The swift and countrywide health precautions were so extensive that the only response people here voiced was that "too much " was being done.

Mr. George, your "terrorist conspiracy" ideas also make no sense. Your attack on the Mexican health system seems like something from a right-wing blog site.

Bud Nelson


Twain Harte thanks

To the editor:

A big thank you to Julie Cowell, Ron Mein, Rotary and all the others that make Twain Harte such a wonderful place to come home to. It is apparent that much thought was put into the plants chosen and their placement. They not only make our village attractive to visitors, but to those of us lucky enough to live here.

Ernie and Joan Nielsen

Twain Harte