Union Democrat staff

More OHV use

To the editor:

In response to David Stough ("Non-motorized majority," May 7).

Not everyone likes to do the same thing. Some of us like to ride our quads and fish in the river but we can't. The roads where we can ride our OHVs and dirt bikes are too few. Maybe if there were more places to ride their dirt bikes legally, they would have been there instead.

We need more OHV use on public land. Have you looked at a map and seen how little land can be used by OHVs? Also don't you think we need to get our children in the mountains riding bikes, quads, dirt bikes, fishing and away from drugs?

I say, speak up, OHV majority, and say yes to more public land OHV use.

Christine Leers


Sleight of hand

To the editor:

With regard to The Ridge at Trinitas project, I disagree with Al Segalla (letter, May 6).

The project has been a sleight-of-hand job from the beginning. It was originally announced as a "small, private golf course" that "mushroomed" into a magnificent development without regard to surrounding neighbors, zoning rules, water concerns or traffic mitigation.

We see more and more examples of this sort of laissez-faire contempt for laws, codes and procedures that are there to keep society orderly. I'd like to see another golf course in the county, but don't insult the rest of us by playing fast and loose with the 'bumpkins."

J.E. Kitchell

San Andreas

Murrison letter

To the editor:

Re:Jean Waltjen-De Mattos (letter, May 6) on praise to Tuolumne County Supervisor Teri Murrison and her letter to the Stanislaus National Forest.

The Forest Service did tell people, via The Modesto Bee and The Union Democrat. The open meetings have be going on for about three to five years now. I have been to most of them.

So before you say something is right you might want to check info first. To end, why is stimulus money being used on a hiking trail and not going to roads or saving a job?

Tim Hix



To the editor:

We're losing jobs due to the lumber mill closing. (Not to mention Mervyns and Gottchalks). May I suggest that we get busy and let Lowes come in as soon as possible. Jobs! How difficult is this to understand?

Linda Bernal


Who says?

To the editor:

In response to David Stough's letter (May 7), Who says you are in the majority?

The PG&E road from Highway 108 to Lyons Reservoir Is open to all licensed vehicles, including motorcycles. Off road is not allowed. Protective clothing is a smart way to ride. All vehicles are required to have mufflers & spark arrestors.

I really envy your hearing - 8000 rpms? Bicycle riders, hikers, and horseback riders pay no fees or contribute to maintain our forests but OHV owners much pay a large fee through registrations to be able to use public lands.

Gary and Margie Bell

Mi-Wuk Village

Outrageous prices

To the editor:

I have lived here for the better part of my life, along with my children. We have always tried to shop local.

It seems in the last few years, especially in the thrift stores, second hand stores, etc., they are getting a little too greedy or gone way over the top for everything that is being donated.

I know many of the places have good intentions, like to help out in crisis. But, when there are donations and they don't pay for any of the merchandise, wouldn't they or shouldn't they be happy to receive anything for what they are selling?

I have been outside the state, in the thrift stores or second-hand stores and they are very reasonable and happy to get anything for what their merchandise. But lately, it just seems to me, that what they want here for a lot of their wares - and some are scratched up or written on - are prices you'd pay for antiques.

And you could go to a brand-name store and buy cheaper, along with a warranty.

I just get really frustrated concerning this. There are reasons many of us go to these places. We can't afford to buy new and are thankful for these places. But the prices are getting too outrageous to go there anymore.

It would be nice if the owners or managers would come back to reality and help the people that these stores were originally opened for, and remember that the monies are to help out and support our communities in crisis.

Susan Parker


Kind man

To the editor:

Thank you, kind man who found my debit card and took the time to return it to my bank.

Much appreciated!

Barb Beesinger