Union Democrat staff

Ambulance problems

To the editor:

Once again a friend has been stranded at the emergency room, after being sent there in an ambulance (they only transport one-way).

When I arrived to pick him up, I was told by the receptionist that he wasn't in the computer and she couldn't help me. I asked one of the volunteers to help. She went to the locked examining room section, returning

to say he wasn't here, that he'd been picked up and that I should just go home. I learned later

that he was sent home in a taxi, after having waited several more hours.

My friend Louie wasn't so lucky. After he was discharged from his ambulance trip to the ER in the middle of the night, there were no taxis. The only cab service that serviced that late had gone out of business.

My concern is not with the hospital, but with the many doctors who tell their patients to call for an ambulance when they have a problem after working hours. I'm confident that my doctor would at least talk to me about some of the complaints that could be resolved without the expensive ambulance ride.

Elsie Sheldon


Academy Awards

To the editor:

On Friday, May 1, I had the honor of attending the Connections Academy's Academy Awards. This was the first time I had gone, and I was there to support my daughter, Hannah Johnson, and her partner, Chris, in their quest to win the gold.

Just like Hollywood's Academy Awards, the students were greeted by all of their fans as they strolled the red carpet. Then we were seated and the show began. There was an opening number by wonderful dancers and actors recreating some memorable moments in cinematic history. Next came a wonderful chance to view all of the students' work. I have to tell you, I was extremely impressed. There are definitely some stars in the making at our wonderful little school.

Finally came the moment everyone was waiting for, the presentation of the awards. There were some very difficult choices to be made and I am glad I wasn't in the judges' shoes. As each winner was announced, cheers were heard from the wonderful crowd. Statues were handed out and speeches were made.

Hannah and Chris won for best sets. I am very proud of them. For those who did not receive a statue, I have to say if I were the judge you would have all won. You are all winners and please keep up the great work. I can't wait until next year.

Tammy Johnson


CNN objective?

To the editor:

I regret it has taken me so long to respond to Donald Smith (letter, April 20). I have been very busy working to hopefully pay the increased taxes that are coming.

Please? Using CNN as the objective source regarding President Obama's policies? I find it interesting that Mr. Smith believes that adding trillions of dollars to the national debt will actually result in lower taxes. What ever happened to the Democrats who constantly criticized President Bush for the deficit? It turns out it was not a deficit they were objecting too, just the fact that the deficit was not used to promote socialist policies and garner votes for Democrats.

President Obama has been spewing the rhetoric about reducing the taxes on the majority of taxpayers for months. Does he not know that 50 percent of our residents don't pay any taxes at all and that the top 10 percent of taxpayers pay 80 percent of all taxes. So let's punish those wicked, hard working successful American citizens. Right?

Mr Smith, the fact is I do not agree with President Obama that Keynesian economics is the answer to the downturn in the economy. I am a confirmed believer in supply-side economics, which has worked for the life of this country. Reducing taxes on small business and investors who create jobs works.

If you were one of the critics of trickle down, just pay attention to how the collapse of the housing market adversely affected the entire economy. The prosperity of businesses is the life blood of this economy and does trickle down to all Americans, unlike bigger government that does not contribute anything to the economy and just sucks the lifeblood out of every American in the form of higher taxes and a stagnant economy.

Bob Zamzow


Liberals in control

To the editor:

Re: "Angry Now?" (Letter, M. Cristina Long, April 28).

I was one of those protesters, "teabags in tow," at the Sonora Courthouse Square April 15. My beef with the current administration is the free-for-all bailouts and the immediate push for trillions in stimulus monies.We have already seen the lack of accountability with the bailout for AIG. The lack of accountability will be tenfold in the future.

So far, much of Obama's first 100 days have been paybacks to constituents who got him to the White House and free reign for Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Our nation's congress is now swayed towards the far left, and I have no confidence in the system of checks and balances. I have concern when the speaker of the House calls the protests "artificial turf roofs campaign.". Pelosi is only fighting for people that follow her beliefs.

Now that the Liberal Left has control of the White House what will they protest about now? The anointed one can do no wrong. Oh yeah, there is always Bush bashing.

Mark Burr