Union Democrat staff


To the editor:

Are we confused or what?

Waterboarding is torture?

Partial birth and late term abortions just a medical procedure?

Vern Froehlich


Changing face of America

To the editor:

Liberal vs. conservative. One of the differences I have noticed, is that conservatives can criticize even their own leaders if they feel they are going in the wrong direction, and not following the principals which they stood for when they were elected.

The liberals seem like they will follow a person from their party no matter what he does even if he changes his stance on an issue. The partisan, George Bush haters think Obama is infallible and would justify the act of putting a nuclear bomb in downtown Manhattan.

Why don't people consider what is best for the country, instead of blindly following a politician? George Bush was bad for this country, not because he was conservative, but because he betrayed the principals of those who elected him and departed from his conservative promises of smaller government, balancing the budget, protecting our borders, etc.

Now who does that sound like? High intelligence and mental illness seem to go well together, evident from a previous letter writer who thinks big business is some kind of evil villain. How many people are living in the area who get pensions from utility companies, high tech companies and many other large business? Big business is responsible for most of our better-than-average life styles. We need to weed out the bad element in companies, but not condemn the entire concept of big business. Instead of change just for the sake of change, and not asking what change, we are changing the whole face of America, and in my opinion, not for the better.

James Schlotthauer


Saunders' derisive tone

To the editor:

After reading Debra Saunders' column (April 27), I was again struck by the thought that The Union Democrat cheapens itself by including this person's commentary on current issues.

It is not just her opinions - which are ill-conceived at best - but her derisive tone which is offensive. Last September, in the wake of alarming indicators, she ridiculed anyone who suggested that the economy was in trouble. Oops.

Now she mocks people who would refrain from using torture to conduct the business of this democracy. She scorns the idea that other methods that do not defy our high principles could attain the same result, although there is credible documentation to support it, including the Marine Sherwood F. Moran's reports from World War II.

As a world leader, when the United States condones something like waterboarding, we not only demean ourselves as a nation of laws and integrity, we increase the danger to our and our allies' soldiers of being subjected to such treatment. And finally, if we must become torturers to "save" ourselves, what are we saving? Please find another columnist, of whatever stripe, who can at least express his or her opinions without attacking the character of their detractors.

Stefani Reichle