Union Democrat staff

Coyote Sam and gang

To the editor:

I read with great interest and a certain amount of apprehension, the story about Coyote Sam and his gang of miscreants. There is surely something rotten in Denmark. The whole thing sounds like a setup to me. The Police Chief asked repeatedly if his troops were required for security and his offer was turned down by the Posse. Hmmmmmmmmm.

That Posse Honcho Ty Wivell fella might bear watchin', if I was you. He always was a kind of slippery dude. He's got that one eye that kind of wanders off to the side and a kind of nervous twitch in the other one. He's been slinkin around there for better'n 75 years now, and knows where all the bones are buried. He's one of those Sonora High School class of '50 boys, and they ain't to be trusted.

Jerry Kern, aka "The Great Humphrey"

Sonora High School, class of 1950

Vancouver, Wash.

Lowe's Project

To the editor:

I have to take exception to remarks attributed to Sonora City Administrator Greg Applegate regarding the expense of doing an Environmental Impact Report for the proposed Lowe's project.

The city approved the Lowe's project without an EIR, stating that it would not have a significant impact. It is a no-brainer that a project of the scale would have a significant impact on the local economy and traffic in the area. It appears that the city was so focused on the potential revenue it would receive from sales tax that it did not want to do the right thing by looking at consequences of this project.

The fact that the city had to spend $80,000 in legal fees and "lost" (sales tax) revenues of $1.5 million should not be blamed on local groups insisting the city and developer do the right thing. The court agreed that the city needed to do an EIR. Perhaps the city should consider the sources of its advice, and not try to shift blame on others insisting that the city do the right thing.

Thad Waterbury


Volunteer opportunities

To the editor:

So, I have joined the ranks of the unemployed. I have a lot of free time on my hands and am looking for a volunteer opportunity. I looked on volunteermatch.com to see if there was anything available in the area and do not see any postings. That seems strange to me, I know that there are organizations up here that need help. Is there (or should there be) a venue for non-profits to advertise their specific opportunities?

Deborah Dolenz


The Sierra Nonprofit Center lists volunteer opportunities on a Web site, sierranonprofit.org. Also, the Know It All, published annually by The Union Democrat and for sale at its downtown office (84 South Washington St., Sonora) includes a section on volunteer opportunities.

Non-motorized majority

To the editor:

There is a dirt road, gated at each end, between Lyons Reservoir and Middle Camp Road. This road is open to hikers, bicycle riders, and horseback riders. A large sign at Lyons lists several prohibited activities, including motorized dirt bike riding, with the admonition that the rules are "strictly enforced."

On April 26, my wife and I rode our bicycles along this dirt road. On the road were other bicyclists, including families with small children, hikers, dog walkers and a group identifying birds and flowers. At the reservoir several people were fishing.

Then, in an explosion of noise and dust, three dirt bikers, in full body armor, revving their machines at 8,000 rpm's tore up the road through this peaceful scene. The result: three illegal, impossible-to-ignore egotists invade a community of people enjoying the area legally and compatibly.

The Forest Service is considering several plans for managing motorized travel in our Stanislaus National Forest, some of which would increase off-highway vehicle use.

Speak up, silent (non-motorized) majority: Just say no to more OHV use on public lands and yes to "strict enforcement" of the rules.

David Stough