Union Democrat staff

Deadly teasing

To the editor:

Another child, an 11-year-old boy, recently committed suicide because he was taunted by his schoolmates.

As this happens all too often, schools should take steps to instruct students on how deadly teasing another student can be.

Schools could set aside a time for a program on teasing, possibly having guest speakers instruct pupils on how deadly what they think of as fun can be.

This is not fun and games, but a serious problem that needs to be dealt with.

Doris Fletcher-Mills


Environmental practices

To the Editor:

Re: "Environmental Terrorists" (letter, Gregory W. Burns, April 23):

This is insulting. More right-wing mud slinging at the left. I am an environmentalist, and do not support the closure of mills or mines. What I do support is the adoption of more environmentally friendly practices. These could include planting a sapling for every tree cut down, not dumping rock loads into rivers, using renewable energy in plants, filtering exhaust, and not blowing the tops off of mountains. Planting trees after cutting them down will create jobs, not cut them, by allowing logging companies to hire people to replant trees. The right wing is blind to the fact that being more environmentally friendly can also be economically friendly.

Re: Props 1A-1F. Join me in voting no. After reading the text, they do more bad than good, give the government too much power, and let them get money from where it is needed and spend it elsewhere. Even 1F is misleading: The politicians can still raise their pay as long as Prop 1A's "Special Fund for Economic Uncertainties" is in the black, not the state budget. Don't let the politicians fool you. Vote no on 1A-1F.

Re: "No on Recall" (letter, Francine Lettmann, April 23): I already received my ballot in the mail and voted yes to recall the entire board. They have run my alma mater, Tioga High, into the ground - from a California Distinguished School to a joke of an educational facility. The Board of Trustees has lost my trust, and therefore I voted to recall them. Join me and vote yes to recall the entire board.

Michael Herman


TUD rates

To the editor:

Wait a minute, Mr. (Tuolumne Utilities District Director Delbert) Rotelli, what you said about the water rate increases is just not true. You said that even with the 5-year rate increase, we would have the lowest (cheapest) water rates in the area.

Well, let me set the record straight. With the 5-year increase, our water bill would be $71 to $79 a month, including the $35 surcharge for "ditch maintenance," which we have been paying for years. All of the people that live on Big Hill have been paying this.

I think this charge should be taken into consideration when raising our bill. So, Mr. Rotelli, do you want to rephrase your statement?

Marcia Ritchey


Don't give up

To the editor:

Did you all get the sample ballot? Will our votes count? I recall the yes vote on Proposition 8. Did my yes vote count?

Oh, yes I still vote. It's a good feeling to know you tried, right? All you people, don't give up. Besides, God sees our votes, and I'm sure it makes him happy that his people are still doing their part to shape up our cities and government.

Let's be the voices. We need to be for God.

Lena Shirley