Union Democrat staff

No coercion

To the editor:

In response to Michelle Ryan's "For the Kids" letter (April 1), where she said the Curtis Creek School Board was coerced by Superintendent Britta Skavdahl into closing Sullivan Creek School. By Webster's definition, coerce is "to compel obedience or acquiescence high-handedly, to repress or restrain forcibly".

I don't think so: Not one trustee has ever been intimidated by Britta or our financial expert, Leigh Ann Blessing, who we trust, to give us the actual figures necessary to keep our district afloat.

According to Joe Silva, county superintendent of schools, our district will not be able to meet the required reserve standard in 2009-10 and will run out of cash in the general fund in 2010-11. Therefore it was necessary to put the position of our district and the entire student population above that of one school.

It was not an easy decision, or a popular one, but one that a responsible board had to make during this uncertain economic upheaval in our country.

Marge Jones

Curtis Creek trustee


Stop the nonsense

To the editor:

I sometimes wonder if we are observing an alternate universe. Why would anyone consider someone like Rush Limbaugh the leader of the Republican Party? Is he an elected official? What possible relevance can a radio show commentator have in the real world? Does he pass laws, vote in our congress or for that matter do anything but talk?

It is like living in an Alice in Wonderland fantasy to hear people mention this fellow as the head of anything. He is a self-important blowhard and for anyone to give him leadership status is totally bewildering. Have we entirely lost our common sense? We could just as well pretend that Donald Duck or Wile E. Coyote is leading this country. Let's stop this nonsense before we go completely off the deep end. We have elected officials and we can choose, or not, to listen and critique what they say, because they have been duly appointed to represent us as lawmakers. But Rush Limbaugh - give me a break!

Janet Maffei


Marauding dogs

To the editor:

I am a dog lover but I have had it with dogs running loose on my Upper Crystal Falls property. My friend, who is an elderly neighbor, lost her beloved companion cat this past winter to two neighbor dogs. They appear to be pit bulls. Today she lost her last cat to the same animals. She is afraid to go out of her house.

I am reminded of the pit bulls who mauled a Bay Area lady to death. The sheriff has been notified, however, the dogs continue to appear in my yard and in my neighbor's weekly.

I am a Vietnam veteran, Marine Corps, trained in the use of high powered rifles and hand guns. I do not want to eliminate these dogs, but if need be I will protect my neighbor and my family. There are children in the area as well. To whomever owns these dogs, please keep them fenced in.

Tom Causey

Crystal Falls

Department of Peace

To the editor:

Washington D.C. was the site of a recent convention addressing domestic and international violence.

Concerns about reducing violence are, of course, humanitarian, but violence has many costs, some of them not readily apparent at first glance. Reducing violence can cut auto and fire insurance costs. It will also cut health care costs. Responses to spouse abuse costs the lives of police. Suicide takes the lives of young people and others. More American young people are killed on our streets than die serving in Iraq.

When the United States Constitution was written, such patriots as General George Washington, Dr. Benjamin Rush, as well as almanac publisher Benjamin Banneker proposed a cabinet level Department of Peace to deal with domestic and international violence.

Currently the bill before the House of Representatives proposes that 65 percent of the $10 million dollar budget for the proposed Department of Peace be allocated to violence within the country and the remainder to international violence.

The Department of Defense is the word leader in spouse and child abuse prevention with its Family Advocacy program. And of course, the United States Marines is renowned for its manual on creating peace after a war.

The proposed Department of Peace in no way conflicts with the Department of Defense. The departments dovetail with specialized expertise.

Please look up the bill - HR 808, The Department of Peace and Non-Violence Act, It can be found at www.thepeacealliance.org. Write to your congressperson and senators, saying you support HR 808.

Ann Pestalozzi